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Latest Tutorial Articles

1: "Beyond the C + + standard library: Boost Treasury guidance": Contents
Directory (Table of Contents) Preface (Foreword) Preface (Preface) Thanks (Acknowledgments) About the author (About the Author) The book's organizational structure (Organization of This Book) About Boost library (Introduction to Boost) St...

2: Input data with SQL
The use of data entry】 【insert statement. Entry corresponding to different ways】 【insert statement to change the syntax. 4.6.1 single record entry 1. Grammar data insert into table (field names 1, Field Name 2, ... ...) values (the value ...

3: UHF-band receiver and application of the principle of RX3310A
1 Characteristics and Application RX3310A is a work in VHF wireless receiver chip, which integrates in-house high-frequency amplifier (RFAMP), mixer circuit (MIXER), in the release circuit (IFAMP), IF filter (IFFIL-TER), Limiter (LIMITER) and const...

4: Let Windows XP system to achieve three-dimensional window
Windows Vista system in a cool three-dimensional effect of the window, in fact, commonly used in our Windows XP or 2000 system can also be achieved in a similar function, as long as the software can be achieved Madotate. Click to enter the download...

5: Registry lock method
The Windows registry to preserve a very important part of configuration information, and anyone can Regedit by running a command or double-click the Reg file to rewrite it, this is very dangerous. Programming method described in the current period, ...

6: DHTML Scriptlet
DHTML Scriptlet What is DHTML scriptlet it?? DHTML is a description of some instruction set that contains the HTML pages, We can be embedded into other web pages The following examples, Also to http://image99.asp-in-taiwan.com.tw/study/s002.asp...

7: Design patterns (Patterns in Java)
Pangyo Azeri is the design pattern on the domestic media (including books and web sites) in the first introduced into the system, introduced this series free of charge solely for the dissemination of (reprint this site article, please retain the aut...

8: Based on UML
1: the relationship between the type of category Picture not clear? Click here to view the image (larger). 2: correlation Describes the object or instance of the system between the discrete connection, all associated with the system information o...

9: JavaScript example picture of the gradual change control text color
  before we see the so-called continuous gradient color text is a verbatim discoloration. Here we see the real demonstration of the continuous gradient color text, you have not seen it? And the presentation is a text entry box, which can accep...

10: Multi-level directory of the database design
In practice, often encounter the need for multi-level directory, for example, the design of a forum, and its layout is a graded one, and for the flexibility to expand, this classification is not restricted, that is to say designers, is not restricte...

11: Software Architect Examination Syllabus [in the second half of 2004]
Software Architect Examination Syllabus First, test that 1. Examination requirements: (1) master data, said arithmetic and logic operations; (2) have relevant applied mathematics, basic knowledge of discrete mathematics; (3) to master the compu...

12: DB2 database security regulations of the 12 Army

13: Java Applet entry 15
Introduction to Java Applet yy435 Pacific Networking Academy Third day 6. Button Graphical interface button is a very important one of the basic components, the button does not display information, it generally corresponds to a pre-defined func...

14: Struts in html: options for the use of
html: options in Struts is a more complicated tage lib, use of flexible, but Sturts source provided no exercise taglib in jsp + ActionForm so commonly used form of a summary of the most direct, is to be summarized as follows, at two situations: the ...

15: DSP and FPGA-based video observation system design
TV observation system for the FPGA core, the realization of infrared digital video signals in real-time image processing, DSP realized part of the image processing algorithms and FPGA control logic, and in response to interruption of data communicat...