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Latest Tutorial Articles

1: Cookie variables set the life cycle of
Although Cookie variables stored in the Client on the client machine, but nor is it will never go away. Cookie variables default to the effective time is 1000 minutes, but we can set up in the proceedings on its own effective date, as long as the sp...

2: Encryption algorithm to break Microsoft script
Long been concerned about the web development version of the future may be to the less, Microsoft today released a script to break the encryption algorithm vbScript script, is to CSDN to force it out. This is a very delicate prepared for the Script...

3: Windows XP to restore the system input floating Article
In Win2000/XP, the most painful is: When you want to type, they found that "the lower right corner" of the input method icon disappeared, why? General reason for this is that, intentionally or unintentionally, to play rookie input settings...

4: Freehand 9 Tutorial: Object processing
.Kjt279 { display:none; } Object to deal with Freehand9 To create a complete work, we need many material, after all, impossible for a single keyboard and mouse will be able to create a piece of work. But how to deal with a variety of materials, as...

5: Credit card validation function (string processing)
Verification also depends on the type of credit card. '************************************** 'Name: Credit Card Mod 10 Validation 'Description: This function validates if 'A credit card number "appears" to be val '...

6: VC use with the operating system software to determine
DU Jian-Wei In the development of software, due to different operating systems to achieve a technical distinction, may be a function of the software is limited to a single operating system environment, such as Windows98 or WindowsNT, to this end, w...

7: SQL Server CE-based mobile services, systems development
Comparison of mobile services is the application of a wide range of mobile solutions, the core of which is the use of mobile computing and wireless communication technology for the enterprise field service personnel to provide comprehensive, conveni...

8: About DB2 database
DB2 is IBM's products, originated in System R and System R *. His support from the PC to UNIX, from minicomputers to mainframes; from IBM to non-IBM (HP and SUN UNIX systems, etc.) a variety of operating platforms. He can host a master / slave m...

9: Based on BP Neural Network Diagnosis System for Analog Circuits
O INTRODUCTION With the development of the electronics industry, more and more complex electronic equipment, including parts and circuit simulator is indispensable. Theoretical analysis and practical application show that these devices than digital...

10: Sql statement of the security vulnerabilities Password Authentication
Password Authentication Sql statement Sql statement of security vulnerabilities as an international standard database query language in a variety of programming environments has been widely used. As a mature and stable system, the user login and pas...

11: Windows 7 installed on Windows Live
I think there was a lot of people remember that in 2006 the first Windows Live Essentials venue, of course, the official version of Vista has not been released, and from the Windows Live Wave 2 released still has a year's time. And a few days ag...

12: Java (TM) XML Pack
The JavaTM XML Pack is an all-in-one download of Java technologies for XML. Java XML Pack brings together several of the key industry standards for XML - such as SAX, DOM, XSLT, SOAP, UDDI, ebXML, and WSDL -- - into one convenient download, thereby ...

13: . Net in IIS how to operate
Net in fact we have done a good job in this regard has been. FCL provides a lot of class to help us finish the job, let us change the development of very simple and happy. Programming control of IIS is very simple in practice, and ASP, as,. Net in t...

14: Information packet processing component (C / C + + version)
In dealing with the text of a news report, we will from time to time on the message content analysis, the following type of object provides a simple way, enables us to from the annoying details of the message out. Following this for the C / C + + he...

15: E-mail simple example
MailExample.jsp <html> <head> <title> JSP JavaMail Example </ title> </ head> <body> <% @ Page import = "java.util .*"%> <% @ Page import = "javax.mail .*"%> <% @ Page im...