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ASP + new contacts (1)

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2000-10-31 Zhao in yesky

asp + is the next-generation version of ASP, ASP + is not, however ASP3.0 naturally evolved from, in many ways, ASP + and ASP is essentially different. ASP + is based on modules and components, has better scalability and can be customized, and data processing is the introduction of a number of exciting new technology, it is these innovative new features, so that ASP + far far beyond the ASP, but also available to web developers the flexibility to better and effectively shortened the web application development cycle. ASP + and Windows 2000 Server / Advanced Server the perfect combination for small and medium-sized enterprise-class web and the business model provides a more stable, efficient and secure operating environment.

1. Construction and operation of ASP + development environment

So far, ASP + is still in the testing phase, as we now see the test on the ASP + comments, in part, in July 2000 based on Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference released the Beta version of ASP + to make and some will is based on. NET framework SDK comes with a preview version of ASP + to,. NET Framework SDK preview version can be downloaded from the MSDN.
ASP + is designed to run in parallel with the ASP, which means that you can in your machine at the same time the use of ASP +, ASP two versions.

Sum up, the current operation of ASP + is the system requirements:

1. Server-side:

1) Windows 2000 Server / Advanced Server, or Windows 2000 professional

2) IIS5.0

3) ASP + or Microsoft. NET Framework SDK

2. Client:

Internet Explorer5.5

ASP + development environment:

Of choice for Visual Studio 7.0 (with a WYSIWYG designer and debugger for based on VB, c #, C++ + + of the ASP + programming and design). Of course, if you are a master, use NotePad or Visual Interdev or Visual Studio6.0 also not surprising, but they do not support the target of the new syntax and server-side controls.

ASP + Development Language:

vb (is the time to say ByeBye to VBScript), and in fact, more precisely, Visual Basic. NET. Can also use C # and jscript to develop.

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