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ASP + new contacts (2)

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2000-10-31 Zhao in yesky

2. asp + four new features

1. ASP + based on the new structure

ASP + is entirely based on run-time framework NGWS.

NGWS runtime framework (NGWS runtime framework) is the next generation of Microsoft-oriented web made of. NET Framework component of the core. NGWS is a new runtime for Windows, the underlying infrastructure, which is located in the operation of Windows and user programs, are used to manage the implementation of the code. It is between the developers and the operating system to provide a package to Windows programming easier. NGWS runtime is entirely object-based, it extends the COM (Component Object Model, Component Object Model) structure for scalable distributed applications provided more new and enhanced services. NGWS with run-time, we do not have to forget to ASP + page cleared to worry about an object, because it will automatically handle the memory garbage collection. At the same time, some of the underlying operating system services is essential to visit became more relaxed, security, authentication, file system access, network information, so on and so forth. . . All is not a problem!

2.ASP + through the compiler to implement

ASP + for the implementation of ASP performance made many improvements, not by interpreting the script pages to implement, but by NGWS (Next Generation Web Services, the next generation of web services) compatible with the compiler to compile to implement. Do not misunderstand! We are referring not to the compiler to generate your. EXE file.

Remains the same as before you write code, compile the code in the script the first time and run-time receipt of the request by the auto-complete NGWS runtime, at the same time keep a cached copy. Receipt of the request when the script again, the system is running a direct copy of the cache, which greatly accelerated the speed of implementation, because we are running the code through the compiler.

If the source changes with the script, run-time will be automatically discarded from the cache to compile the old version, so the next execution of the request is received to re-compile the code.

3. Data Cache

Well, now we have a faster compiled ASP +, but it's still not enough. Imagine this situation: you have a dynamically generated ASP + page that the content from a background database, and this database may be updated every several days. . . Now, suppose you received from the server a client request, the server will establish a connection with the database, execute a query, retrieve records, feedback to users, is very simple, right? But when the server at the same time to deal with tens of thousands of the same request, what will be the consequences? There is no doubt that it is unnecessary to repeat the results of computing system resources and the terrible occupation.

That is why to use technology to the data cache.

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