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ASP + new contacts (3)

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2000-10-31 Zhao in yesky

In asp +, when the first server to recover data from the database, the data is stored in the variable, when the server received the request of the same after the cache data transfer directly from the server to the client, and now we do not have to disturb the database.

Of course, you have to set the data in the code cache period to the required time or meet specific conditions, they empty the cache, retrieve new data. As to how to set the duration of the cache, it depends entirely on your needs and the skills.

4.ADO +, more easy-to-use ADO

A good horse with a good saddle, Microsoft in the launch of ASP +, it also introduced a new ADO, that is, ADO +. ADO + a n-dimensional (n-dimensional), and object-oriented approach to processing data. In ADO, the data in the form of two-dimensional, that is, rows, columns. However, if there is a specific RecordSet in the ranks of their own is a RecordSet, to form a new dimension of it? Such circumstances, it is difficult in the ADO, and ADO + with the creation of such a multi-dimensional but it would require little effort RecordSet.

In fact, the above-mentioned in the RecordSet in ADO + no longer exists, replaced by the DataSet. In the ADO + in, DataSet equivalent RecordSet collection, DataView is similar to RecordSet.

III. Server-side control

ASP + is to increase anothermore useful server-side controls, Microsoft is obviously very good to listen to the web developer feedback, the new controls will not only enhance the function of ASP +, at the same time, let the past headache for developers to repeat the many red tape to control the work to complete. The following is the general classification of these controls:

1.List controls

Such control allows you the client browser easier to create a list of simple and at the same time give you more customizable, and now you can spend less energy in the Page Layout on. Examples: Repeater, DataList, and DataGrid controls

2.Rich controls

Such controls are used to generate the client more complex, rich HTML elements. Such as: calender Control

3.Validation controls

Implicit validation controls are controls, which are used to perform client and server-side validation. The number of such control too much, to be completed before the need to manually write code for a wide range of verification tasks, programmers are now eliminated a large number of the If ... else statement. Such as: RequiredFieldValidator control, CompareValidator control, RangeValidator control, and RegularExpressionValidator control

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