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ASP + new contacts (4)

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2000-10-31 Zhao in yesky

4. Other

Including the Intrinsic controls, as well as our long-awaited SendMail components, encryption / decryption component, you can customize the implementation of the performance counter, you can read and write log NT components, network access components. . . And so on.

IV. asp + the final version

Obviously, the preview version of ASP + and the run-time framework is not perfect. Although they are adequate to reflect the new features of ASP +, but the final version of the ASP + than we are discussing this release features support for more and more perfect, it contains a number of our current properties can not be achieved:

1. To support a wide range of Windows platform

These platforms include: Windows 2000, Windows NT4.0, Windows95/98. The preview version only supports Windows 2000 server with Windows professional. Windows 95/98 for the ASP + in the functional limitations, we can only call "personal edition."

2.XHTML compatible

At present, the server-side ASP + controls the output produced is a basic HTML3.2, and is not compatible with XHTML. XHTML from the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) recommendation, if the output and XHTML compatible, then the xml parser will be able to properly control the content, otherwise you will make mistakes.

Microsoft is trying to let ASP + final version of the server-side control to generate XHTML-compliant code, but the client browser as a result of differences in the degree of compatibility is still very difficult to predict.

3. New management tools

The final version of the ASP + will include maintenance and allows you to easily configure the program's management tools. You will be able to see the management of such config.web, global.asax tools like paper, it's a graphical interface allows you to see the status of implementation of procedures, and debugging the entire process of tracking the details of the time.

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