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jscript error code and the corresponding interpretation of Guinness

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jscript syntax error
JScript syntax error is the statement when the JScript scripting language JScript violation of one or more grammar rules lead to errors. JScript syntax error occurred in the compiler stage procedures, at the beginning of the program before running. (Error occurred in the development process), 32 The following is a syntax error

Error No. Description

Decimal Hexadecimal Description

Memory 1001 800A03E9

1002 800A03EA syntax error
1003 800A03EB needs ":"
1004 800A03EC need ";"
1005 800A03ED needs "("
1006 800A03EE need ")"

1007 800A03EF needs "]"
1008 800A03F0 needs "("
1009 800A03F1 need to ")"
1010 800A03F2 need ID
1011 800A03F3 needs "="
1012 800A03F4 need "/"
1013 800A03F5 invalid number

1014 800A03F6 illegal characters
1015 800A03F7 the end of the string is not constant

Notes is not the end of 1016 800A03F8
1018 800A03FA function outside the 'return' statement
1019 800A03FB can not be outside the circle of "break"
1020 800A03FC not be in circulation outside the "continue"

1023 800A03FF need hexadecimal number
1024 800A0400 need "while"
1025 800A0401 duplicate definition labels
1026 800A0402 tags not found
1027 800A0403 a "switch" statement can only have a "default"
1028 800A0404 need identifier, string or the number of
1029 800A0405 need "@ end"
1030 800A0406 closed compiler conditions

The need for constant 1031 800A0407
1032 800A0408 need to "@"
1033 800A0409 need to "catch"

1034 800A040A need "var"
1035 800A040B "Throw" to be with the back of a regular expression, and in the same source code line

JScript runtime error
JScript runtime error is the JScript script when trying to implement a system can not run when the action resulted in an error. When the script is running to calculate the variable expression, or is the dynamic allocation of memory when run-time errors JScript.

The following is a run-time error 76

Error No. Description

Decimal Hexadecimal Description
5 800A0005 illegal procedure call or parameter

6 800A0006 overflow

7 800A0007 memory

Ultra-9 800A0009 subscript sector

10 800A000A this array has been fixed or temporary locked

In addition to 11 800A000B zero error

13 800A000D type mismatch

String space 14 800A000E

17 800A0011 unable to perform the requested operation

Stack space 28 800A001C

35 800A0023 sub-process or function not found

48 800A0030 Error loading DLL

51 800A0033 internal error

52 800A0034 bad file name or number

53 800A0035 File Not Found

Bad file mode 54 800A0036

55 800A0037 file has been opened

57 800A0039 device I / O error

58 800A003A file already exists

61 800A003D full disk space

Input in excess of 62 800A003E document the end of

Too many files 67 800A0043

68 800A0044 equipment is not available

70 800A0046 permission prohibited

71 800A0047 Disk not ready

74 800A004A different driver can not be used to rename

75 800A004B path / file access error

Path not found 76 800A004C

91 800A005B object variable or With block variable not set

Cycle 92 800A005C For uninitialized

The use of invalid 94 800A005E Null

322 800A0042 can not create the required temporary files

Need to target 424 800A01A8

429 800A01A9 Automation server can not create object

Class 430 800A01AE does not support Automation

Automation operation 432 800A01B0 can not be found in the file name or class name

438 800A01B6 object does not support this property or method

440 800A01B8 Automation error

445 800A01BD object does not support this action

446 800A01BE object does not support the specified parameters

447 800A01BF object does not support the current regional settings

448 800A01C0 parameters specified not found

Optional parameters are not 449 800A01C1

450 800A01C2 wrong number of parameters or properties of the distribution of illegal

451 800A01C3 is not a collection of objects

453 800A01C5 specified dll function not found

458 800A01CA variables using Jscript does not support a type of Automation

462 800A01CE remote server machine does not exist or is not available

501 800A01F5 can not be allocated to the variable

Object 502 800A01F6 unsafe for scripting

Object 503 800A01F7 unsafe for initialization

504 800A01F8 object the establishment of insecurity

5000 800A1388 can not be allocated to the "this"
Number need to type 5001 800A1389
5002 800A138A need Function Object
5003 800A138B can not be assigned to the function return value
5004 800A138C can not index object

5005 800A138D need to String
5006 800A138E needs of Date object
Object Type 5007 800A138F need
5008 800A1390 illegal assignment
Undefined identifier 5009 800A1391
5010 800A1392 need Boolean
5011 800A1393 unable to perform a free script from the code

5012 800A1394 members need to object
5013 800A1395 need VBArray
JScript object needs 5014 800A1396
5015 800A1397 need Enumerator Object
5016 800A1398 need regular expression object
5017 800A1399 regular expression syntax error

5018 800A139A unexpected qualifiers
5019 800A139B the lack of regular expression "]"
5020 800A139C the lack of regular expression ")"
5021 800A139D invalid character set the scope of
Abnormal 5022 800A139E out, but can not seize the
5023 800A139F no legitimate function Prototype (prototype) object

5024 800A13A0 be decoded URI contains illegal characters
5025 800A13A1 decode the URI encoding to be illegal
5026 800A13A2 the fractional part of the median cross-border
5027 800A13A3 the accuracy of cross-border

5028 800A13A4 needs Array or arguments object

5029 800A13A5 array length must be limited to a positive integer
5030 800A13A6 length array must be assigned to a limited positive

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