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The establishment of Web site

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Now we are to build a Web site, and then open the Visual InetDev your program, click File>> New Project, select Visual InerDev Project>> New Web Project, will be Name changed to Chapter2, then click "Open" button.
Web project Wizard dialog box at this time appeared, Web Project Wizard of the operation is divided into four steps, you can choose you want to link or enter the Web server address, use the IP address or domain name can be, important to note that this Web server must have frontpage Server Extensions and IIS 4 or above must be a version, you also need an account to manage the Web (you can choose systems management account).

(1), Master Mode will now select Options, then click the Next button;

(2), In the window that appears, select Create a new Web application, or link an existing Web site, select Create a new Web application option, enter in the Name column Chapter2, and then click the Next button;

(3), choose your layout, then click Next button;

(4), choose a style, you can make your Web page using the style, and then click Finish button.

Web Project Wizard to generate a series of documents for you, including your choice of layout, visual style, the search page, applications and ScriptLibrary

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