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odbc and ole db database in connection What is the difference?

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It is worth noting that, OLE DB for ODBC compatibility allows OLE DB access to existing ODBC data source. The advantage is clear, as the OLE DB for ODBC is relatively more widespread use, the ODBC drivers available than corresponding to the number of OLE DB. This does not necessarily have to be OLE DB driver, you can immediately access the original data system.
OLE DB provider is located in layers, and layer ODBC driver is located. If you want to use an ODBC data sources, need to use the OLE DB for ODBC provider, it will then use the appropriate ODBC driver. If you do not need to use ODBC data source, you can use the corresponding OLE DB provider, which is often referred to as the local provider (native provider).
Can clearly see the use of ODBC providers means that the need for an extra layer. Therefore, when access to the same data, the OLE DB for ODBC provider may be higher than the local provider OLE DB slower speed.

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