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Using ASP to access a variety of commonly used type of database (1)

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This article discusses the use of asp to access DBF, DBC, MDB, Excel, SQL Server-based data and function, and finally give a use of the function This article provides database access to Excel example, the reuse and sharing of Enterprise data with strong practical significance.

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In the Internet / Intranet web pages can be seen on message boards, discussion groups, online polling, online surveys, chat rooms and other Internet function modules, these procedures are the use of ASP (Active Server Page) technology and database achieved. In the Internet / Intranet database used are mdb database or SQL <Database, but the enterprise Intranet <network, various versions of the database already exists, such as DBF <, DBC, Excel, text database, the database is by the application software such as office automation systems, such as financial software generated, if the ASP for direct use of these types of databases, you do not need to re-establish the database, and further the achievement of enterprise data sharing, whether these databases can be used directly by ASP, the author summed up over a long period to explore given a definite answer.

I, ASP database access method of the object

In the ASP, the database used to access the object referred to ADO (Active Data Objects), contains three objects: Connection, Recordset, Command, which is responsible Connection open or connect to database, Recordset is responsible for access to data tables, Command is responsible for database implementation of the action query (Action Query) command and the implementation of SQL Server's Stored Procedure. Only rely on these three objects are still unable to access the database, but also must have access to driver database: OLE DB drivers and ODBC drivers. For any kind of database must have the corresponding OLE DB drivers and ODBC drivers, ADO <to access the database. The chart can be used to access the course description:
<IMG SRC="http://tech.china.com/zh_cn/netschool/homepage/asp/606/20010814/images/10079488_11428.gif" border=0>
We can see from the chart, ADO objects must be combined with a variety of drivers to access various types of databases, different databases need different drivers. Whether the machine has been installed driver does what? Through the following methods to verify: Windows9X or NT "Start" → "Settings" → "Control Panel" → "ODBC Data Source (32Bit)" in the "driver" tab to check whether our machines installed What are the drivers. Generally, there are the following drivers listed in the table:

<Driver "Applies database types

Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 Mdb

Microsoft Access Driver Access

Microsoft dBase Driver Dbase

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