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How in the html of the contents of the documents include a

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Html file in the other html documents to introduce several ways
Introduction: In the forum users often asked in a html document in another html file to read content? The answer is determined, and methods of more than one, in the past I would only use the iframe to invoke, and later found several ways to the other, and that today summing up these types of ways to refer to, I think the third is more well!
1.IFrame introduction, take a look at the following code

[Code] <IFRAME NAME="content_frame" width=100% height=30 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 SRC="import.htm"> </ IFRAME>

You will see the introduction of an external document, but will find that there is a frame similar to the siege of the things, you can use
[Code] <iframe name="content_frame" marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 width=100% height=30 src="import.htm" frameborder=0> </ iframe>

However, you will find that still have some problems, the background color is different, you need to do is to introduce the document in import.htm use the same background color can also be, but if you are using IE5.5, you can see this on the transparent If you want to color the article is too long to introduce the document does not appear when the scroll bar, then the body in import.htm add scroll = no

2. <object> Way

[Code] <object style="border:0px" type="text/x-scriptlet" data="import.htm" width=100% height=30> </ object>

3.Behavior way of download

<span id=showImport> </ span>
<IE:Download ID="oDownload" STYLE="behavior:url(#default#download)" />
function onDownloadDone (downDate) (
showImport.innerHTML = downDate
oDownload.startDownload ( 'import.htm', onDownloadDone)
</ script>

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