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JScript methods - getUTCSeconds methods

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Return Date object using the global standard time (UTC) value expressed in seconds.

dateObj.getUTCSeconds ()

Options will be for the Date object dateObj parameters.

To be expressed in local time with a few seconds, use the method getSeconds.

method returns a getUTCSeconds in between 0-59 integers, the integer that the Date object in a few seconds. In both cases the following
Return value is 0: in the current after a minute of time in less than 1 second, or create a Date object when the time is not saved to the object. And
In order to determine what belongs to either case, the only way is to check the minutes and hours at the same time value to 0. If these two values are 0, then almost certainly
There is no set time saved to the Date object.

The following example illustrates the use of getUTCSeconds methods.

function UTCTimeDemo () (
var d, s = "the current UTC time is:";
var c = ":";
d = new Date ();
s + = d.getUTCHours () + c;
s + = d.getUTCMinutes () + c;
s + = d.getUTCSeconds () + c;
s + = d.getUTCMilliseconds ();
return (s);
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