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No template, only ASP + FSO to generate static HTML pages of a method

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fso to generate static HTML document template tags to replace has been a very troublesome problem, at least I think so, and also other things to make a template, trouble! I have noted there is a way to solve this problem

Index.asp as a normal page, and use asp code out of the contents of the database, and the other to build a makehtml.asp pages, add a textarea field, assumed to be name = "body", will be transferred in index.asp in textarea out, such as:
<textarea name="body"> <!--# include file = "index.asp "--></ textarea>, will be included in the form of the textarea in the form to receive pages to use to create FSO object, as generated index.html file!

filename ="../ index.html "
if request ( "body ")<>"" then
set fso = Server.CreateObject ( "Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set fout = fso.CreateTextFile (server.mappath ( "" & filename &""))
fout.write request.form ( "body")
set fout = nothing
set fso = nothing
end if

This index.html file generated, and even do not need templates, as long as the normal use of the ASP file to read to a textarea where you can, the problem has not yet been found! Of course, to support the premise that the server FSO

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