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asp performance test report (to) (c)

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Third, the opening of a buffer on the impact of performance?

If the opening of the buffer, then disposed of the entire page before the server will not be sent to the browser page content. Buffer can be opened in two ways: through the asp page set Response.Buffer property, or through the server settings. The following two methods were tested.

3.1 The opening of the buffer through the script

ASP script in front of accession Response.Buffer = True, IIS will be the contents of the buffer page:
Response.Buffer = true
Dim FirstName
/ app1/buffer__1.asp clips

The best record = 7.05 ms / page
Response time = 6.08 ms / page
Difference = -0.97 ms (decrease 13.7%)

Greatly enhance the efficiency of a step, but there are better below.

3.2 to configure the server through the opening of the buffer

Buffer by default in IIS 5.0 is open, II4 4.0 the need for manual settings. Set as follows: Open the Properties dialog box site. In this dialog box, select the main directory page of the configuration button, and then in the "Application Options" under the select "Enable buffering." Prior to this test, we first deleted Response.Buffer statement.
The best record = 7.05 ms / page
Response time = 5.57 ms / page
Difference = -1.48 ms (21.0% reduction)

This is so far the fastest we have seen the response than the previous best record of reducing the response time of 21 percent. From now on, the following will be the result of the test as a benchmark.


Buffer is to improve the performance of an excellent method, so the server is enabled by default set to the buffer is important. If for some reason, the opening of the buffer led to irregularities in the conduct of the page, just add the page to Response.Buffer = False. Buffer is enabled when disposed of the entire page before the user will not see any content, which is one of its shortcomings. Therefore, the complexity of the pages, occasionally call update Response.Flush browser content can be regarded as a good option.

Now, we have been following this rule:

Always through the server configuration buffer enabled.

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