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asp performance test report (to) (i)

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asp dynamically generated content to output the most efficient way? Which is best to use the database to extract the recordset? This paper tests for nearly 20 months developing this type of ASP frequently asked questions, test tool shows the time to tell us: These can usually be taken for granted not only a cause for concern, but also the unexpected, including hidden secret.

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Compiled as follows:

ASP developers are always in the pursuit of better application performance and scalability. Although there are many books and Web site for the realization of these goals can provide excellent recommendations, however, these proposals are often based on the principle of starting from the ASP's judgment can not improve the level of actual performance of any quantitative analysis. As a result of these proposals usually means that the complexity of the process of coding and reduce the readability of code, developers can not improve the performance of ASP applications to comply with these recommendations for assessing the magnitude of the price paid is reasonable, not be able to see any measure of actual performance.

ASP code in this article provide some performance testing and analysis to help ASP developers understand their own coding habits in the future whether it is worthwhile to retain the project, or there is a need to amend the existing works in order to obtain better performance. This article is divided into two parts: the first, we study the development of ASP to some of the basic issues; In the second part, we will optimize the application of ADO-depth tests. In the test, we found that many test results not only eye-catching, but also can be said to be a surprise.

The first part will answer the following questions:

ASP dynamically generated content to output the most efficient way?
Buffer on the performance of the opening of the extent of impact?
ASP code in the Notes on the impact of the implementation of efficiency?
Should explicitly set the page's default scripting language?
If session state is not necessary, whether there is a need to close it?
Add code to process or function will affect the performance of it?
Whether the use of include files affect performance?
To achieve error control spending means that much to pay?
Services will be set up to reduce the context of the efficiency of my code?
vbscript Option Explicit impact on performance?
Testing tools are used in Microsoft's Web Application Stress Tool (WAST), this is a free tool, located http://webtool.rte.microsoft.com/. At WAST, we use a simple test script WAST call repeatedly described in the following test ASP page (each with more than 70,000 times). Average response time "until the last byte of the accumulated time" as the standard (Total Time to Last Byte, TTLB), meaning it is: a request from the first testing tool to receive the server response data between the last byte the total time.

Test server is 196 MB memory, Pentium 166, the client is 256 MB RAM Pentium 450. Some readers may think that the performance of these machines is not high, but this is not important, because we are not in the ability of the test server, but only one page using the server to deal with the time required to assess the implementation of the efficiency of the script. Tests on the two machines are not running other tasks. WAST test the attached script and ASP pages in the back of the ZIP file of this article, the reader can download it for the same test.

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