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ASP performance test reports (e)

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6, which records the cursor type and lock the most efficient way?

All tests so far, we only use the "forward only" to access the recordset cursor. ADO recordset provided for, there are three types of cursor: Static scrollable cursor, dynamic cursor to scroll, set the cursor keys. Each cursor provide different functions, such as access to the previous record after record and whether it is possible to see other programs such as the data changes. However, specific discussion of each type of function the cursor was beyond the scope of this paper, the following table is a variety of cursor types of comparative analysis.

And "can only move forward" type of cursor compared to all other type of cursor would require additional spending, and the cursor in the general circulation also slower. Therefore, we would like to share with you the following caution: Never think so - "Well, sometimes I will use the dynamic cursor, then I have been using the cursor on it."

The same view also applies to select record locking mode. Only used the test in front of the read-only locking, but there are other in three ways: conservative, open, open the batch mode. And cursor type, these locked records for processing data to provide a different set of features and control capabilities.

We reach the following rules:

l use the appropriate tasks in the most simple record of the cursor type and lock mode.

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