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asp If you are a fan, you certainly thought about how efficient the implementation of ASP? We all know that the efficiency of ASP and CGI than in the less visited, they are equally, it may sometimes be CGI will be better (I think it is mainly the efficiency of system operation and NT-related), but during his visit a large quantity of time, ASP is much better than the CGI! However, you have not thought about writing you can re-optimize the ASP program?
Here I introduce some of the ASP to optimize your process.
First, the use of session variables
The use of session variables will reduce the efficiency of the site, each new visitors will create a session variable, until the user left the site 20 minutes after the session variables of the memory was released. If you can, you can adjust the time and the end of the conversation when the release of the memory occupied (session.timeout = 10'10 to 10 minutes) or the closure of the session (enablesessionstate = false).
Second, do not cache ASP page
Because the cache ASP page until all pages are submitted after the output page, the HTML for large pages, visitors will wait for a long time, so do not use cache response.buffer your ASP page.
Third, do not use the framework of
The framework of the browser will increase the number of requests to the server so that a heavier burden on the server, which is why most sites do not have now because of the framework. You can use the ASP that contains the statement (# include) or <script src=frame.js> </ script> the navigation area that contains all the pages on the site, so the framework of the same functions.
Fourth, not to use pictures
Picture is essential site, which can beautify your page, but the picture for the website a great influence on the download speed, you should use of pictures, the picture used compression tools necessary to use some image processing, the general treatment of the picture than was much smaller, it will speed up the page display speed.
Fifth, do not use too much in the pages of the form
If you put the pages in a form, then this big table and take the form of small images, text, and so I said earlier, like the cache ASP page until all pages are downloaded after the show page , because the browser to get the table </ table> after the show in this form, so suggest that you do not use a big table, you can form into a large number of small tables.

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