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Network Load Balancing Web Server (to)

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In order to enhance the reliability of Web sites and to increase the site capacity, we deployed four Network Load Balancing (NLB) Web server, which is two Windows 2000 operating system as a technology cluster. As Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise Edition Microsoft Windows NT ® Load Balancing Service (WLBS) follow-up products, NLB load balancing in a cluster can support up to 32 nodes and all nodes as working as a server.

Below we discuss in detail the contents of this area.

NLB provided by a number of TCP / IP services component of the server group server (cluster) in the distribution of incoming IP traffic. The entire cluster to use a common virtual IP address, the cluster of multiple servers in a transparent allocation of client requests. Cluster of each server can handle the load on the default ratio, or between all servers in a balanced distribution of loads (we use this method).

A server cluster may fail, or as a result of routine maintenance and system upgrade and offline. Under the circumstances, in order to ensure no interruption of incoming client requests to provide services, NLB automatically redistribute the load to the remaining servers.

If the site traffic increases, NLB can be easily for the NLB cluster of Web servers to add more as the additional increase in load capacity. To extend the Web server farm, more than 32 nodes, NLB and other load-balancing can be combined with the use of technology, such as Round-Robin DNS (RRDNS). In fact, many organizations have been using this combination of load balancing - NLB and RRDNS - to expand its hundreds or even thousands of Web server group.

Load balancing of these technologies can work and how to set up network load balancing Web servers For more information, please refer to the article to build highly reliable and scalable Web cluster.

Order processing server site in the majority of e-Services workflow often have to run the operation can be asynchronous, as orders and order fulfillment. To enable Web applications to run some operations asynchronous, you can reduce the scramble for resources Web server of Web applications faster response. Results can be used to enhance the effect of site, scalability, reliability and availability.

To support asynchronous operation, requires the use of Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ).

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