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Why not start IIS?

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asp debugging process, we may have to use IIS, do not know if you have not encountered this situation?

Restart IIS, the IIS can not pop-up interface, but will be turned off or write-off of the Save As pop-up mysterious "*. msc" file dialog box, when you start a number of IIS, there will be several such dialog box ( My system is windows2000 + IIS5.0).

I encountered this situation many times, as can not find the reasons, had no choice but to reinstall system. Recently encountered such a situation, I wonder what the software is not caused as a result of the conflict, so I decided to turn the machine to uninstall the software (Fortunately, the machine is not a lot of software installed). I found that when the Norton Server Edition 8.1 and Norton Personal Firewall 5.0, after unloading, IIS can be a normal use. Even more surprising is, I then loaded Norton, IIS can still be used even.

Therefore, I would like to Norton, in some cases, may lead to not use IIS, but this hidden phenomenon. Because, not an IIS installed Norton can not be used, but not necessarily a problem in that case. My machine is the case, Norton has been installed for several days, IIS has been running, but suddenly one day IIS can not be used.

If you have encountered this kind of situation, I hope this article will give you a reference point.

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