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How to use ASP website statistical system to prepare three

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Table structure design is an extremely important job, it's reasonable or not and is closely related to the establishment of procedures.
Statistical systems of a site should have a user table, table statistics.
The user registration form that is to retain user information table, statistics table is the record of the user's value of statistical indicators for each table. Statistical value in the table, we can specify the user of statistical indicators, we can be an indicator of each ID with a value that our simple example here.
User table:
Table Name: regist_table

Field type
username username c
password password C++
Registration regdate C time value table:
Table Name: value_table
Field type
username username C
id C statistical indicators ID
value C of the value of statistical indicators

Id list:
Table Name: id_table
Field type
id C statistical indicators ID
Statistics idvalue C indicators

With these three tables we can begin to do so.
If we can specify the following ID
id idvalue
101 total visits
201 1-day visit to the volume of
202 2-day visit to the volume of
Volume of 231 31-day visit to the beginning of the user statistics that we have to let the user registration process users are as follows:
Fill in the registry -> initial users of the value table (corresponding to the ID to join) -> the feedback to the user registration information
-> Users to add their own links page -> the beginning of Statistics.

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