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ASP Error 0115 the number of solutions

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asp Error'0115 'Some of the solutions
General view:
ASP Error 0115 means that your asp in the failure of a component of call, and at the same time ASP
From this failure can not get more of the error message.

Error 'ASP 0115'
Unexpected error
/ scripts / <filename>
A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.

ASP Error'0115 'for the ASP developer is a nightmare, this error means that the
ASP components have been used in a Crash lost. The most deadly is that you are not able to get more detailed error message.
So there are many that may lead to this error, which also led to a lot of different solutions.
The following is a comparison of several classical solutions:
(A) (for IIS 3 / 4 example):
Server-side installation sequence:
Some time in the service when you order the wrong side in accordance with the new software installed, some versions of the new DLL to be the old version of the cover,
Annoying is that you normally would not be notified of these key dynamic link library to be covered. In these errors, you should be particularly noted that when you
Installation of any data related to VB5 components (dll, ocx), ADO the DLL has not been VB5 installation process with the old version to the coverage.
VB5 but the installation program will install the old version of the dll to windows \ system or the WinNT \ system32 directory, and in these directories registered
These dll (they will be in your registry to replace the new version of your dll in the IIS in the default directory location of the registration),
To resolve the problems brought about as a result of VB5 is to re-register your original dll.
(B) a client program installation services recommended order:
Windows NT 4.0
NT 4.0 Option Pack (IIS 4, etc.)
NT 4.0 SP4
SQL Server 7.0
MDAC 2.0 sp2
IE 5.0
(C) MDAC version errors:
Install the latest version of MDAC can help you solve a lot of inexplicable error ASP 0115. The latest version can be downloaded to Microsoft's site.
(D) an anonymous account as a result of security issues arising from:
Anonymous account permissions of the ASP determines that you need access to some of the components of the correctness of function.
a) If there is no corresponding to the user access, ADO The DLL will:'0115 'error.
b) an anonymous account that you have access to the following directory: System32 directory, InetPub directory, your RDBMS installation directory and the directory where the ADO DLL
(E) to submit Form errors
This error please refer to MSDN for the Q173741 article id
(Vi) bad habits caused by an error code:
Sometimes'0115 'is as a result of your code caused by bad (but the same code may be different as a result of luck, on different machines will not be an error)
a) when a page to submit a Form itself, did not give the name of the attribute assignment form
b) when there is no dll in the preparation of a statement for the variant type of the variable would have to variant
c) calling a stored procedure that does not exist, or is the stored procedure call parameter error.
(Vi) the use of IIS 3 in terms of programming were:
a) Session object caused an error:
Please refer to MSDN article in KB Article: Q177036
b) ADO 2.0:
IIS3 installed in ADO 2.0 in error, please refer to MSDN article: KB Article: Q193310

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