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Batch print envelopes with VFP

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Business contacts in order to work, we often customary to send cards to others, and similarly, we also received many business cards. Various provinces in the region, a variety of business sectors, all kinds of interpersonal relations, a long time, and a lot of these cards. So many cards stacked together, to find and very cumbersome to use. Today, it should be said that yesterday, science and technology is well developed, technologically advanced, the computer has, there has been GUIDEC, these problems solved. First of all, through the establishment of a computer database using vfp and create "electronic business card", and then create a report, label, or inquiries, on the very simple to use, or the data is sent to the GUIDEC, carry with them, find them very convenient.

First, establish a database table

Powerful VFP database, more complex operations, and we want to use "E-cards" are more straightforward, we consider the use of tables instead of using the database (the database tables and not much to go into details of this relationship). According to our actual needs, combined with the various business projects, the use of VFP Table Wizard set up the table structure as shown. Field (item) name of the best Chinese name, a clear see; field width should be considered, as appropriate, preferably as shown. Also the best order of fields as shown, so that all of the first half of the Chinese, the latter part of it is digital and in English, to facilitate data entry. After the establishment of table structurethey keep it up, such as the "Address Book". There is no data entry skills, be more tedious hard work of the dry, if the assault emergency, it is best to find a professional typist, otherwise the entry on peacetime.

Second, the establishment of label

The required data in order to print on the envelope, we have to use the "Contacts" table set up labels. Open the newly established "contacts" table, set up through the labels, label Wizard. The first step on the selection table to select just the establishment of the "Address Book" data sheets. The second step to choose the type of label can be the size of the envelope in the appropriate select list, but the number of rows must be 1. The third step on the definition of the layout shown in Figure: In the field that can be added here and use the button to add punctuation and line breaks, it is necessary to add text, you can use the text box. The first act of a postcode, and the second acts of the provinces, cities and counties, address, name of the third act, the fourth act of the name, title. In order to aesthetics, the text box can be used to "title" together with the small brackets and preceded by the words and the names separated by spaces, of course, the best in the "title" after "pro-Kai" words to show respect. Immediately after the text box can make use of the information input unit. That is, enter the name of the fifth line, the sixth line of input address and zip code, separated from the middle and separated by air in order to just stay out of pre-printed "zip code" words, the last line of input of additional information units, such as phone, fax, URL and so on. Sort Records optional fourth step, "provinces" do not vote for ascending or directly to the fifth step. After the fifth step of preview such as "communications were recorded - the envelope," the name of the label in order to save the future of the label designer adapted.

Third, adjust the label and is ready to print

Since we want to print on the envelope, according to the envelope size and the printer model (we are using large envelopes and D7 Xerox laser printers P8e A4) in the settings page, select the appropriate settings matrix (mainly including the paper size, orientation and Margins), the Print Preview (to ensure the "Address Book" or at least the first form there is a record full input). Designer on the label can be double-click the line to modify the line that is targeted at the content of expressions. First of all, to set the font size, method is to click with the mouse to select the bank, and then choose the format of the font menu. The first line of the envelope according to the size of postal code that is set to remain the appropriate box, the second line and third line of the address and unit on the 2nd song in general to use the small words, the fourth line of the name, the title song on the 2nd to use the small bold font, the fifth line below the name of the units should be used in small font on the 2nd, the last two lines of the other information in this unit to use the small words on the 4th song. Followed by the drag object to the appropriate location. Select the first line, and then drag with the mouse or arrow keys to move up and down about. If the object is too narrow bands can drag the mouse up and down the details with district divider. Moved to the appropriate location, for printing and print preview, repeated two or three times, until the last satisfied.

Fourth, the use of worksheets

We have set up in front of the worksheet and use the worksheet has been completed in accordance with the format the envelope label, now required to do is enter the record and print. First of all, open the "address book" work table, in accordance with the contents of the input card records, and then open the "communication was recorded - the envelope" for printing labels. According to our label design, in order to reduce data redundancy and improve the speed of data entry, data entry of "provinces" and "city" field must be recorded, but do not have to belt "province", "City", "County," the words, and "address" field you do not need to enter the provinces and cities and counties. Similarly, the phones do not have to enter the code in the project. Print can be printed or by page number all (records) print range. Print this envelope is not only simple, elegant, standards, and the units do not need to repeat the information filled out by hand, greatly reducing the workload.

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