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VFP Chapter IX Essentials menu and toolbar design

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9.1 Menu system Planning

1. Design Principles

(1) based on user tasks menu system organizations

(2) for each menu and menu option to set up a clear meaning of the title

(3) in accordance with the estimated frequency of use of the menu items, logical sequence or menu items organized in alphabetical order

(4) in the menu item to place the dividing line between the logic

(5) to each set up menus and menu options or keyboard shortcuts hotkeys

(6) will serve a single menu to limit the number of a screen, if more than one screen, it should be some menu items to create a sub-menu.

(7) in the menu mix of upper and lower case letters, and only when all the emphasis on the use of capital letters.

2. The design steps

(1) menu system planning

(2) the establishment of menus and submenus

(3) the task assigned to the menu system

(4) the procedure to generate menu

(5) to test and run the menu system

9.2 to create menu

1. Menu Designer Profile

2. With vegetables

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VFP Chapter IX Essentials menu and toolbar design

Designed to create a single menu

Open the File menu → New → menu → file → new designer in the menu design in each menu (or choose the Quick Menu menu, common menu generated) → Preview → determine Designer → → Close menu given document → name and save location, select the menu from the menu generated ... → generated in the dialog box, click (file menu can change the file name and save location and then generate).

Close Menu Designer, the system of two documents:

Menu definition file extension. MNX

Note the file extension called Menu. MNT

Menu, select from the menu generated, the system automatically generate the menu files of the same name, extension. MPR

3. With orders to create menu

Command format: CREATE MENU [<menu file name> |?]

Function: to open the Menu Designer Menu Design

4. Run menu procedure

Menu design and generate program file menu, you can select from the menu ... to carry out the implementation of this program.

Or from a command window, type: DO menu file name. MPR

After running the program file menu, the system has the same name generates a compiled program file extension. MPX

5. To create the shortcut menu

Click the File menu select New → menu → select the new file into the shortcut menu shortcut menu → → Designer designed the same way as the general design of the menu shortcut menu → → generates and stores in the form designer to invoke the shortcut menu control the preparation of the code: DO of the shortcut menu. MPR → Run the form to see the role of the shortcut menu.

6. To create SDI menu

Click the File menu select New → Menu, select the new file menu → Designer → → to enter the menu designed by the same manner as the general design of the menu Menu → SDI from the display menu, select General Options → Options dialog box will be in the conventional form the top hook on the front of the box → → generate and save the form in Designer SDI menu to call this form of writing code INIT event: DO SDI menu name. MPR WITH THIS,. T. → table Single of the ShowWindow property to 2 → Run menu form to see the role of SDI.

9.3 Create a custom toolbar

1. With the definition of Class Designer Toolbar Class

Click the File menu select New → Class → new documents to the Customize Toolbar from the class name, based on the toolbar, in the type library name → Designer will be required for the command button and add a separator in order to custom tools → bar in the Properties window for each button to select Picture and ToolTipText → → Double-click the button in the code window for the button's Click event to add various functions to achieve the code needed to save → close the window.

2. With programmatically defined categories Toolbar

Click the File menu select New → procedures → new file in the program editor window with DEFINE category Customize Toolbar command, ADD OBJECT command used to add objects, events with PROCEDURE command for the event were the definition of methods of procedures.

3. As a single category set add table toolbar

Click the File menu select New → form → click form a new document on the control button to view category → Library → Open the custom form controls click on the Customize Toolbar button → category, click in the form and choose OK in the dialog box → Customize Toolbar form category was added to focus on running form → Set.

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