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VFP to use the system variables _SCREEN

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In Visual foxpro in a special system variable, it is _SCREEN. It is the object type of system variables, you can use it to specify the main Visual FoxPro window properties and methods. But we can not create events for the process of _SCREEN. In Visual FoxPro to make full use of _SCREEN object on the main window will be able to carry out various operations. Surface a few examples to explain:

1. _screen Hide the use of the main vfp window.

In the procedure How to hide the main window does VFP? Only in the proceedings together with the line of code:

_screen.visible =. f.

2. VFP main window to change the icon and title

The VFP window icon and the small fox "MicrosoftVisualFoxPro" heading into your favorite icon and title, just the implementation of the code:

_SCREEN.ICON = Icon file name (. ICO)

_SCREEN.CAPTION = Title name

3. _SCREEN Be using the main window of the form contains the number of steps:


4. If you do not want to see a fox head and the upper right corner of the main window of the three buttons, the following code to executable:

_screen.controlbox =. f.

5. Be the main window controls the number of:


6. The definition of the main window to display text font, size.

_screen.fontname = font name & & such as: Lishu

_screen.fontsize = name & & if: 20

7. The main window to change the shape of the mouse pointer:

_screen.mousepointer = value & & value ranging from 0 to 14.0 degrees from the value for the silent

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