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Oracle 9i database on start-up after the closure of abnormal

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oracle shutdown when a sudden power failure, resulting in the use of sql / plus to start when unable to connect to the database, specifically described as:

connection can not permitted, shut in progress.dos :c:\> sqlplus /nolog:sql/plus: Realease9.0.2……..all rights reservedsql> connect /as sysdbasql>startup shutdown in progress.sqlplus :sys/manager@orcl92 。Sql: select * from tab;norows selected;:。

access to information derived from solution:

dos :c:\> sqlplus /nologsql/plus: Realease9.0.2……..all rights reservedsql> connect /as sysdbasql> startup force:。。

Windows services can also be first oraclehome92 service will stop, then start oracle Enterprise manager console, select an independent startup, select the database, click orcl (global database), the pop-up dialog box, enter the system password username password, connection status: sysdba and select routines, configuration, in the General Information tab will be replaced by routine closure of the state, in the open. If prompted to stop oraclehome92 service will start up the service, and then start the database, but also solve the problem. forced to launch a startup force has not been shut down or failed to start correctly the database; process: to close the example, and then restart. Startup restrict mode to limit the database, thereby limiting access to the database, only with restricted session privileges to connect users to the database. alter system [enable / disable] restricted session to open the database, the statement to restrict access to enable or disable features. If the relative change of the main structure or want to export the consistency of the database should be set to limit the model. Alter system only has the authority, can only alter system [enable / disable] restricted session command to change the availability of the database.

An example of when to start nomount state can only read data access sga view. On the v $ thread, v $ controlftle information sga read data from the dictionary view. When the database was assembled, the on v $ thread, v $ controlftle and other information from the control file was read out. Analysis, when the abnormal closure of the database, shutdown the program did not quit, so start to detect instances when the shutdown, the system error. Therefore need to shut down the database, and then restart the database. (END)

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