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Oracle was the early results-oriented strategy

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oracle continued to acquire companies in different products, its applications to continue the rapid growth of business. Oracle's acquisition of these products company, and did not use other companies to integrate products and sales, but the advantages of the use of related products continued to develop new products and sales departments in different product lines sales team a way to open up the market, making Oracle's growth trend of good performance.

Oracle Asia Pacific senior vice president of applications Mark Gibbs said: "The 2006 fiscal year, Oracle Asia-Pacific region in the applications received significant growth in business. In this year, our firm to customers as the core, in order to provide customers with open, flexible and standards-based software, software industry customers to improve agility, insight and, ultimately, to help them achieve business growth and investment value. "

Oracle is the company's strategy of "information-oriented" and "industry-oriented" and "standards-oriented."

Oracle is committed to help businesses reduce the complexity of the standardization of

Enterprises from all walks of life, regardless of their size, the Enterprise systems are composed of a variety of software. In order to rapidly changing business needs quickly respond and control the maintenance of different systems of the complexity and high costs, companies increasingly need to implement standards-based solutions and service-oriented architecture (SOA) products.

Enterprises through the development of software vendors to develop value-added easy integration and reuse of modular business services, and to establish a truly flexible and adaptable IT infrastructure. Oracle is committed to developing standards-based applications and technology products and service-oriented architecture to help customers reduce the complexity of resources and funding will be used more in innovation and the provision of services.

Oracle's software architecture to provide customers with higher value

Oracle in the Asia-Pacific region is a strong business growth can provide new value for customers. Customer needs strategic partners to provide innovative, end-to-end, with deep industry functionality enterprise software solutions to overcome the major challenges facing their own, such as to meet the specific needs of industries; improve enterprise agility, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness .

Oracle to industry-focused marketing strategy

Oracle application sectors including financial services, telecommunications, media, utilities, government, education, health care, manufacturing, distribution and retail. Customers in these industries integrate with Oracle applications and enterprise systems to achieve automation of enterprise systems, improving insight, efficiency and performance, and lower costs.

Oracle company through strategic acquisitions, in applications, middleware and database components and for the industry-leading integration solutions with a comprehensive ability, the ability to meet the needs of this high-growth sectors of the diverse needs of customers is of utmost importance.

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