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Some of the concept of (model and database design b)

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Some of the concept of (model and database design b)

Some of the concept of database design (database design mode and b)

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Function of functions:

1 / Enterprise organizational structure
2 / the business sector to describe the functions of the constituent elements
3 / sector hierarchy
4 / sector functions
5 / staff office functions
6 / duties of the constituent elements of the functions
7 / job description of the functions of the function (in sector-level map display functions)

Of functional processes:

1 / functional requirements described in (business systems)
2 / Functional Requirements for the collation and combination
3 / functional relationship between the coupling
4 / function elements
5 / Function Description and Implementation of a split
6 / Function or string and lock and wait for the description of
7 / in order to show the functional flow chart of the way the concrete manifestation of

Process of division of documents:

1 / realistic business documents collection
2 / documents collation and combination
3 / documentation process in the functional to achieve the status of changes in different periods of time
4 / documentation elements
5 / documentation and implementation of the split described (data source / data flow / data-processing actions)
6 / documents described in the user's permissions and control
7 / specific table-like documents to show (in tabular form in electronic display)

Into the form of documents:

1 / documentation of the separation and integration of content (not related to the design field, it should only be taken into account the specific content of documents out of the class description)
2 / documents the primary key and foreign key constraints with the initial description of
3 / documents three-and anti-paradigm design paradigm described
4 / documents estimate the amount of data, documents the use of frequency estimates
5 / documents used to determine the role (to the database users have a role in the definition of documents)
6 / design documents describe the view, look-up table described in the demand for index description
7 / documents between form and form of the relationship between the display (to show UML)

Forms of division of atoms:

1 / form design fields (data type, range, attribute table)
2 / table primary key foreign key constraint of the design
3 / Form Design Index
4 / forms of different allocation of the role of the user's permission
5 / view in accordance with the different scope of application to create, such as the General Query / Modify / statistics used (recommended user-level view of the creation of the role)
6 / Trigger and stored procedure design description
7 / the way to ER diagram to show a concrete manifestation of the table

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