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. NET client applications:. NET applications updating components (2)

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Author: Jamie Cool

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The. NET application Updater Component
. NET applications updating components
Included with this whitepaper is a component for enabling. NET client applications to automatically update themselves. The component was written using the. NET framework and enables you to make your application auto-updatable simply by dropping the component into your existing. NET applications and setting a few properties (ex. where to get updates from).
Included in the White Paper in a can. NET client application automatically update their own components. The use of the component. NET framework for the preparation, which you can simply drag and drop the components to your existing applications and set up some attributes (such as where to obtain the update) will be able to make your application with automatic update function.

This component is not a Microsoft product. It is intended as a sample to get you started and as such the source is also included with this whitepaper. However, it is worth mentioning that this component has gotten a fair amount of real world use already. It has been used internally in Microsoft to enable auto-updatability in the. NET Terrarium game (<http://www.gotdotnet.com/terrarium/>). Terrarium has been installed and used by over 10,000 individuals since it was first unveiled as a beta product in October, 2001.
The component is not a Microsoft product. It will be trying to make you as an example to begin, and together with the White Paper are more resources as far as possible. However, noted that the components in real applications has been a lot of use. Microsoft internal use. NET development Terrarium automatic updates of the game on the use of the components (<http://www.gotdotnet.com/terrarium/>). Terrarium from October 2001 showed a veil to the present, has been more than 10,000 personal users install and use.

This component will be the basis for the discussion of what it takes to make an application auto-updatable. This paper will focus on how the. NET Application Updater component works and how you can use it in your own application.
The component is to discuss how to make an application can be updated automatically based on. This article will focus on. NET applications is how to update the components work, and teach you how to apply it to your own applications.

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