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NUnit in the plug-in VS.NET 2003.

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NUnit in the plug-in VS.NET 2003.

VSNUnit2k3 is a Sourceforge open-source software, through the plug-in, VS.NET will enable us to direct the use of the IDE unit testing tool, not to switch back and forth, oh ~: P

Usage: first fitted with the original, and then compressed package VSNUnit2k3.dll to cover the original location .. on OK to restart the VS.NET IDE ...

Good luck ..

1. The original version of the window to open the Addin is not automatically Dock to another window. Now revised a bit so that it can close the VS.NET IDE to preserve the last time the location of this Addin window, next to open automatically when return to the previous position. so do not have to go to another window and drag it to the (function definition of GetMyConfig () / SaveMyConfig ()) ...: P

2. To show that through the Console.WriteLine () function of the output result.

Note: This Addin is best not to drag the window of the left side of IDE, that is, with ToolBox / Server Explorer the same location .. the problem seems to be out .... Be careful ...


Download Address: http://www.showyes.com/hbifts/mynunit2k3.zip

Like to use is as follows:


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