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Prepared to use ActiveX Controls C # (c)

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In front we have completed the development of ActiveX controls, then it is released.

First, we establish a project to install windows and the main output ActiveX control added to the project output. Then, the main changes to ActiveX controls output file will be replaced by its Register property vsdrpCOM. Figure:

Next, we try to change the project properties, change in procedure will guide the procedures for the Web guide. Unfortunately, in the Web settings in boot folder of the installation must use the absolute URL path, relative path can not be used. This means that the generated installer must determine when the path is not very convenient. In the example, I use the localhost, the release could be converted to the actual domain name.

Now we generate the installation process and a process corresponding to the correct copy of the directory (in this case as the default Web site directory of the ActiveX folder). We can direct the implementation of Setup.Exe documents to verify the correctness of the installation files. In my machine the correct implementation, and success!

Now we have to re-file the helloworld.htm changes. The revised results are as follows:

<body bgcolor='#223344'>

<object id = "helloworld"

classid = "clsid: 9551B223-6188-4387-B293-C7D9D8173E 3A "Width =" 184 "Height =" 96 "codebase =" ActiveX / Setup.Exe "


</ object>


<input type='button' onclick='helloworld.ShowMessage("Hello World!")' value='Click'>

</ body>

Note that we block object attributes into the codebase, which is established to download the location of controls, you can use the relative path. , we can not request this page correctly, because we do not have controls to our signature. Signature can be used in two ways, one is installed in the above procedure to generate a signature, and the other is the use of signatures sn.exe. We recommend the use of the latter, because they can provide more options. I am lazy, do not write, and we can refer to the article csdn "ActiveX released". Give reminder to everyone, when applying for a certificate to apply for Higher Certificate options.

At this point, "to use c # to prepare ActiveX controls" at the end. You have any questions, you can message me.

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