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asp + in common on the NameSpace

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In asp +, we must use the MS provided us with many features, and functions of the application of the NameSpace (namespace),
Tofu for everyone here more or less a list of some frequently used some NameSpaces, such as: FileSystem, Ado +, etc.
FileSystemObject (file operations)
<% @ IMPORT Namespace = "System.IO"%>
database (database operator)
<% @ IMPORT Namespace = "System.Data"%> simple database application
<% @ IMPORT Namespace = "System.Data.ADO"%> If you need to use ADO, then certainly need this
<% @ IMPORT Namespace = "System.Data.SQL"%> SQL Server? No this is not the
xml (extended Markup Language)
<% @ IMPORT Namespace = "System.Data.XML"%>
mail (e-mail)
<% @ Import Namespace = "System.Web.Util"%>

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