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Asp.Net using the POST method the easiest to achieve

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Asp.Net 2.0 implements the IButtonControl interface control has a PostBackUrl property, you can cross-page submission, is to use the POST method. 1.x then took a series of setbacks in the POST submission is very simple, as long as PostBackUrl set for the submission page, in that submission page using Request.Params [] will be able to get the parameters of the POST form. Also used to fetch the previous page PreviousPage.FindControl control. Here with the Request and the PreviousPage to the values of both, and Server.Transfer is like, but CrossPagePostBack across the site.

Here is an example, there is also on localization tests.
PS, do not know if there any comrades encountered a similar situation: / App_GlobalResources under the resource file will throw an error if there is Resource.zh.resx. . My VS is Chinese, it is estimated he was the default resource file is Resource.zh.resx bar.

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