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ConnectString set enlist in the meaning of

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Since the last encounter in dealing with affairs of webservice, and occasionally in the debugger when the connection string to enlist on the OracleConnection set an interesting discovery.
Previously read an article, do not remember what the article, and the article said that right is set to enlist the best false, there was no how to get to go into details about why you want to set to false, in my program, enlist = false to write directly into the . Enlist right now discovered that the original setup and transaction processing that there is such a delicate relationship.
Transaction manager to manage commonly used in two ways, one called the Lightweight Transaction Management, referred to as LTM, a process known as oleX TM. Simple phase in the submission is generally used in LTM, but in a distributed transaction processing in general are using a 2PC, so the use of the approach is oleX TM approach.
If you enlist = false, then the mean follow-up of the transaction is not registered in the current transaction, so the current transaction will not become the root of matters. If the program uses the distributed transaction processing, may also not be properly carried out (on this point I have not done test). The program should tell the TM to manage the use of LTM approach.
If you enlist = true, then the process to tell TM to use oleX TM approach to the management at this time distributed transaction management is automatically enabled, so if the connection string will enlist = true, if you are using oracle database, then the background will be Call oramts.dll, if the development environment not installed MTS for Oracle service, it'll be prompted to find oramts.dll. You can download from the oracle site to install this service pack, do not know why oracle does not provide a separate installation package, but with odac bundled download.
If you do not enlist configuration what kind of situation? See you this program is to use distributed transactions, or transactions in general. TM automatically according to procedures to respond to the request.

Conclusion: enlist the registration of the transaction have some control over the role. If my description is wrong, please help correct me.
Link Address: http://yanrongpi.cnblogs.com/archive/2006/07/13/450189.html

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