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In the team development environment using Visual Studio. NET (b)

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When you check in files offline

Can not check in files when offline; because you are not connected to the network, check the command is not enabled. This is deliberately set up so that the project can be easily re-online see which documents were signed in the off-line.

Enter online

This is basically the same as entering the offline state. To make an online solution and its projects, please "File" menu, click "Source Control", and then click "Change Source Control ..."。 Displayed dialog box and enter the same offline. Select "Connected" to the solution and projects online.

Synchronous changes

To make offline changes to work with Visual SourceSafe database solutions included in project documents and synchronize from the Visual SourceSafe in the work offline check out check out each file and a copy of changes to the document signed into Visual SourceSafe.
After entering the online will be offline for each of the documents signed the following two dialog boxes:

Figure 10: Disconnect the coordination state of the document signed <br> First of all, click "Check out" (as shown in Figure 10).

Figure 11: From Visual SourceSafe to check out the file <br> choose "Leave this file?" To prevent your changes have been included in Visual SourceSafe version of the coverage. Then, you need to sign the revised document.
Warning: If other people have signed into the file, and then you sign the same document, it will cover the changes made by other people.
Note: These dialog only offline you check out the documents show, and not have to enter the offline check out before the documents show. Warning practice, such as first pointed out the dialog box, you may lose data.

When you work offline, if a document signed, and the other team members also check out, modify, and sign the same document, it must be very careful, otherwise, check your team members will cover the changes. The safest option is to avoid the Offline Files check out. Always executed in the off-line to deal with your document. If you can not do this, or you have forgotten to sign out before in the off-line to deal with all the documents, synchronous changes in the consolidated document manually.
If you work in the offline check out a file, while another user has checked out of the same document, then when you make online solutions and projects, it will display the following dialog box:

Figure 12: trying to check out the documents have been signed out of the warning displayed when <br> click "OK". In Solution Explorer, this document will be displayed next to a small warning signs that still need to pay attention to the document.
Finally, if you are offline to add files to the project, the project is online, simply sign the new document to Visual SourceSafe.

Tips and tricks

URL line

Developers all the best to use a unified virtual root directory, for example, http://localhost/projectName. As far as possible avoid the use of a specific server name, which may be difficult to allow users to share project documents. If you need to use a specific server name, the definition in the web.config file within a new <configSections>, and used it to define custom application settings. If you use the Web reference, will be placed on Web services and use of local http://localhost/webServiceName as a Web reference, or to set the Web reference URL for the dynamic behavior. Dynamic URL Behavior to explain at a later date.

Reference path consistent

Will be added to invoke a non-system assembly time, IDE local assembly will be copied to the project (for Web applications, assembly will be copied to the bin directory). To set whether the control procedures for local copy, right-click assembly, and then click "Propertities". For non-system assembly, "Copy Local" should be set to "True". This is the default value is recommended in most circumstances.
When you add reference, IDE project file will update users with path reference to indicate the physical location of assembly. Right-click the item, and then click "Propertities". Click the "Common Properties", then click "References Paths". In the dialog box (as shown in figure 13), click "Cancel".

Figure 13: shows the path <br> Despite the cited references show the path of a property for the project, in fact, it has set up the attributes for the item, the computer and user is unique. This means that, if the developers will reference an assembly and added to the signed document to the project, when the developer 2 obtained the latest version of project documents, the assembly will appear in the Solution Explorer with - but is likely to generate failed because the developers may not have the same two reference path.
To avoid this problem, all the development team should use in-house team to quote the path of reunification. In this way, they meet the following conditions, the developers added a quote after the other developers do not need to solve the program or project documents in any operation:
  • Reference path has been set up for each project need to do is set a task
  • Referenced assembly already exists in your hard disk, and the location of the correct

The approach requires the generation of a standard definition output location, and all references are cited in the location within the assembly. If the conditions are too strict in applying the path can be separated by commas contains a number of paths.

Add a Web reference

This is also the Visual Studio. NET Beta 2 Compared to Visual Studio. NET Beta 1, one of the improvement.
In your project's folder, there is a Web References folder. Add a Web reference, will be under the Web References folder to create a new folder. The new folder under the server hosting the Web service name, and include WSDL, DISCO and generate the Web service client proxy. The folder name is also used as a Web service client proxy's name space.
Add a Web reference, these folders and files will be added to Visual SourceSafe project. Web reference update, will check out, update and check these documents. (Right-click the Web reference, and then click "Update Web Referemce".)
Add a Web reference, Web service URL in the Web service client proxy has been hard-coded. However, you can change the Web service client proxy behavior, make it from the. Config files to read Web service URL. Right-click Web references, click "Properties", and "URL Behavior" from "Static" changed to "Dynamic".

Figure 14: Web references attribute <br> the following code will be added to the. Config files:

<configuration> <appSettings> <add key = "WinApp1.localhost.Service1"
value = "http://localhost/WebServiceTest/Service1.asmx" /> </ appSettings> </ configuration>
Web service client proxy constructor has been modified so that from the. Config files to read Web service URL.
Need to pay attention to a problem is that you can not add two points to the same server, but point to different Web services Web reference. This is because the IDE will try to use the existing folder name to create a Web reference. Please see above on how to file system note that the Web reference.
However, this is a small problem, however. Just rename the folder name for the actual services rather than its name (and namespace name) to retain services for the hosting Web server name. Right-click Web references, click "Propertities" and change the "Folder Name".

Visual Studio. NET Beta 2 issues

Check out the project document

Project documents the need for changes will be automatically checked out. To add files to the project or change its settings, it is usually the case. However, the revised project document will not check in often. In some cases, in the form generation process and editing process of the project documents the occurrence of unnecessary check-out behavior. These are the known errors should be resolved in the final version.
The end result is that developers may lead to team to compete for the project document. If it is found that the project team members to sign a document when the conflict may need to switch to the check out to share.
Please note, Solution Explorer special! Symbols that means you have to check out an exclusive project documents.

Multi-project solution

Despite the support for Visual SourceSafe integration projects for a number of solutions, but there is still a mistake. The use of Visual Studio. NET Beta 2, it is best to exercise due care and to ensure that each project is only a solution.

Work offline

Work offline, there are many issues requiring attention. The most important question is to cancel the warning dialog box, in order to work off-line to check out the file successfully. The issue and other issues have already described.

Visual SourceSafe is not within the project

This may be a small problem, but not if your project within Visual SourceSafe and Visual SourceSafe solution, the Solution Explorer is the project and its documents will be shown as checked out, even if they are not in Visual SourceSafe. Can check out the identifier that said "Local changes" or added to Visual SourceSafe. Check in order to add files to the project in Visual SourceSafe.

Delete reference

This could also be a small problem, but if you delete the assembly of non-system reference, IDE will not update the user project documents cited in the path. Even if the assembly is no longer invoked, the actual location of assembly remain on the reference path.

Generate multi-project solution

By default, each item should be generated to your output directory. Typically, the project will generate to the bin \ debug or bin \ release subdirectory. Do not support a solution within a number of items generated to the same directory.
The same solution to any reference (the same solution was the other items cited in the project to generate the output), "Copy Local" should be retained as the default value of TRUE. This applies to the procedures set reference, but also to the project references between.


Visual Studio. NET Beta 2 features the work of the team as opposed to Visual Studio. NET Beta 1 to a significant improvement. Now the core of all programs can work, and most work well. Although still to be resolved before the release of some minor errors, Visual SourceSafe integration and IDE or changes brought about by the development team to improve the experience. Can now be more easily shared among staff in the development of project documents and source code files, and can more easily from the application development environment to test and production environment.

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