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VSS information (and I wrote for the company, part of ICP's)

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Visual Source Safe Chapter Introduction

Introduction 1.1 Background

If the software crisis 70s led to the birth of software engineering thinking and the development of theoretical system, then the age of 80 to 90, especially 90's software industry has led to the rapid development of another generation and the realization of new ideas, which is software version of management.
Participated in software development as long as people are aware that the software project is now fully completed by one person is impossible to imagine but also usually have a common R & D group to the analysis, design, coding and maintenance, and specialized test group has completed the software code debugging comprehensive testing. Software development in this vast and complex process, it is necessary to relate to various areas of personnel, exchange of information feedback is not only in research and development between group members and between the various R & D team, but also exists in between customers and research and development. All feedback from these exchanges of information may lead to modifications of the software, only a small possibility of a source file in the definition of a variable changes, the redesign of the program modules may even change the entire demand analysis. In this project, software development as a result of inherent characteristics, may be the formation of a large number of software versions, and we can not guarantee that there are no changes to errors, and such a difficult situation but in a very realistic project development manager before him / her how to effectively solve these problems, specifically the following questions:
1. How to conduct the overall management of R & D projects;
2. The project development team members how to carry out an effective mechanism for coordination;
3. How the team members on their respective sub-project of a unified management;
4. How to research and development team members, unified summary of the changes;
5. How to keep track of changes to remove the wrong change;
6. R & D process in the formation of the various versions of the software how to proceed with identification, management and identify the differences and so on.
A very direct response, we must introduce a management system, a version management mechanism, and version management in a broad sense, it requires not only the source code version management, but also to manage the entire project. The past, the kind known as a good practice of programming style, such as in the source code to others to carry out the reasons for changes in the Notes to amend, modify and date, a number of members at the same time if it is modified, then the need for timely and artificial and synthesis of the differences in order to form a unified new version. This approach in the current large-scale software development has been less and less space, and can be described as a small workshop in the form of software to deal with large-scale socialized production, the work is no longer possible.
In fact, the version management very early on the idea of software development exist in the minds of those who only understand the past, people now realize that not as urgent. Unix program development system provided earlier on the development team to carry out in the source code version management tool, the Linux is able to offer powerful cross-platform version of the manager, foreign-based version of Windows Explorer has also been With the more mature products, such as domestic research units CASE Laboratory Department of Computer Science, Peking University is also committed to work in this area. Among the many products and testing of mature products, only the use of comparison will be extensive, and the prospect of greater user version can be more readily Product Manager Microsoft Corporation Visual SourceSafe 6.0 for detailed description of the development team for the general solution, and the specific implementation.

About 1.2 VSS

VSS 6.0 is now the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 as the development of a family of products, such as Visual c + + 6.0 and Visual J + + 6.0 the same.
1. VSS simple working principle
Microsoft's VSS 6.0 solve the software development teams faced version of the long-term management problems, it may be effective in helping the project development team is responsible for the procedures of project management, will be the source of all project documents (including a variety of file types) to specific way into the database. Development team members can not file for the database changes directly, but by this version of the project manager or sub-source to copy the source of the work of various members of their own directory and modify the debugging, then the revised project document submitted to the Checkin for VSS, a comprehensive update from it. VSS also supports a number of items quickly and efficiently between the file sharing. When a member to add a document to the VSS, the file will be backup to the database so that all members can share the file. And each member of the project documents of all changes made will be recorded in the database, making amendments to the restoration and revocation at any time, anywhere possible. Group members may be the latest version of the project, modify it and save a new version.
VSS project organization and management makes the coordination of development teams has become simple and easy and very intuitive, when a and a set of papers for another member of the Panel, Web site address or any other, VSS to ensure that they really shared between and selected a group of documents different versions of security. Now, a growing number of developers through their development environment to access the functions of VSS. And VSS can be easily in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Visual C++ + +, Visual foxpro and other development tools integrated with VSS Once integrated into the development environment, you can use the same controls as that can very well reflect the VSS ease of use and powerful features.
2. VSS in a number of important concepts in order to better understand the VSS, it is necessary to give the following description of some concepts.
The first is the concept of the project, the so-called project is the existence of a group of VSS files (any type), can be in the project or project documents between the add, delete, edit and share. A project folder with the operating system there are many similarities, but it is better to support the merger documents, history and version control. The existence of all files in the VSS database project, development team members can not VSS backup files in the main work (in addition to inspection and peer-to-peer version than in exceptional circumstances) but the members of VSS for each work in their respective directory to provide a copy for work. Although there is no work in the case of the directory can also view a file, but if we really want to work under the management of the VSS, it is necessary to create a working directory.
VSS to the maintenance of multiple versions of a document, including a version from a different record of changes between. Version control include the following:
Coordination Group - Under normal circumstances, at any time to ensure that only one member of a particular document be modified, so that documents can be prevented by other members to update changes to the accident. Of course, VSS administrator can change this default setting to allow for a single file at the same time a number of Checkout, and still others to amend the Prohibition of the cover.
Version of the tracking - the old versions of source code and other documents for filing and tracking, and these versions can be renewed for bug tracking or other purposes.
Cross-platform development - to support the same code more than the development of cross-platform version control.
Reusable or object-oriented code - What are the procedures for tracking the use of which may be reusable code modules.
Version control of the meaning of the section in the future will be discussed further.
We already know, VSS provides version control and history of service to ensure that each version of a file is recoverable. VSS with the date / time stamp to record when the document is to be or when it is modified Checkout, which are mainly three methods to track versions of documents and projects:
Version number: This is from the internal digital VSS maintenance, the user has no control over it. And projects of each file in each version has a version number, the version number is always an integer and is incremental.
Tags: These are the user assigned to a project or a paper version of a string, it can be in any format is not more than 31 characters in length string.
Date / time stamp: it is given when a file was last modified information, or when a file was Checkin. VSS support for 12 hours and 24-hour time format.
Working directory is the users debug the project documents the modifications or Checkout When the user when extracting a file, VSS copy of the working directory to the user, when users modify the document and submitted Checkin or, VSS then its working directory from the user's copy of the database back to VSS. Checkout time for the user, VSS will automatically manage the working directory, such as to create the necessary subdirectories. And the working directory can be created or modified at any time.
3. VSS 6.0 some new features and functions of archiving and recovery - in the VSS 6.0 in the two operations in a user-friendly wizard in VSS administrator, and in previous versions, they can only be resolved through command line to achieve.
Moving files - when a user when moving files, VSS 6.0 automatically the file-sharing to a new project, and in the original project will be deleted. In the new project, the properties of the document is shared.
A number of differences between projects - this feature allows the user to different projects in the differences between.
Carried out a single document - in previous versions, VSS can only start a directory (folder), VSS 6.0 at the same time a document can be carried out.
Rapid Extraction - VSS 6.0 as a result of the improvement in performance, the paper now than ever before extraction speed VSS around twice as fast as version.
Historical information filter-VSS 6.0 to support the view of those who do not label the history of documents and projects.
To get rid of Temporary Folder Options - This new feature enables users to easily clear the temporary folder.
Check the external super-connected - in the earlier version of VSS, only the super-connectivity and internal projects to get the Jump check, VSS 6.0 allows users to check the item outside the super-connectivity and Jump.
Open the VSS database to create the shortcut keys - users can use the VSS Explorer in the new feature to create a VSS database to open a specific desktop shortcuts.
HTML format of the help-VSS is used in the previous version of WinHelp format

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