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VSS information (Part II, picture not uploaded)

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Configuration chapter to install VSS Client

2.1 About the installation

In order to use the power of VSS, we have a staff member for the use of machines to install VSS Client (that is, Visual SourceSafe client).
At present, VSS configuration server has been completed, the installation of the machine machine name "PLAServer", you can network through "My Network Places" to find the computer. Or directly in the address bar enter "/ / PlaServer", will jump out of a dialog box asking the user name and password, we set up the sharing of user name and password are "vss", you can enter a carriage return after, then we can browse to the server has a "VSS" folder, double-click to enter.

Double-click the program, you can run the installation. Procedure known as "netsetup.exe"

Figure 1 View Server VSS folder
Entered after the VSS folder will show all of its contents, in accordance with Figure 1 we can step instructions on the inside "netsetup.exe" to double-click, you can carry out the installation process.
Windows installation process in general is no different, we can not add details here. Only need to pay attention to enter the serial number is, enter the serial number of the software as "111-11111111."

2.2 Configuration VSS.NET

Now, we at the beginning of the program group menu to find the program just installed, its location in the "Microsoft Visual SourceSafeàMicrosoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0", we click them, then pop up a dialog box, as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2 VSS Client Login box
There are three options, we are here for one explanation:
Ø Username: that VSS user's user name, server-side we have for all members of the distribution of the user name, user name is my character, such as members of Wang Chao user named "Wang Chao," can be directly imported.
Ø Password: namely, the corresponding VSS users password, log on at the first time, we have the distribution of the value of the initial password is empty, we do not have to enter in the log, we can change the password (in the following sections describe).
Ø DataBase: that the VSS database on the target server address, in accordance with Figure 2 we can directly enter "\ \ Plaserver \ vss", also can be "Browser ..." button of their choice, according to "Brwoser ..." button the following dialog box will appear :

Click to add a new database

VSS list of available databases

Figure 3 Open SourceSafe database as shown in Figure 3, in the dialog box, first of all can be listed in the database name and the actual physical address. We can then select one of these "Open" button to select a database. If you want to add more databases, you can by this dialog box in the "Browser ...". Further options, we have not elaborated on here.

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