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Words - the structure of model

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I have said in front to create the model, namely: the factory pattern, abstract factory pattern, one-piece model, prototype model, construction model.
To create model objects are created in order to solve the problem. In other words, if you want to avoid in order to create a future you did not take into account the object of the type to worry about, we consider the model created.
Today, I tried to say a few words about the structure model.
Structural model is to address how to assemble the existing categories, and their interactive design, in order to achieve the purpose of certain functions. At the same time, the structure of an inclusive model a lot of problems, such as scalability (the appearance of models, component model, agent model, decorative patterns), encapsulation (adapter mode, bridge mode). In addition, flyweight model has provided us with an example of a large number of objects occupy resources.
Model structure to address the following issues do not undermine the type of package, based on the realization of new features. This includes decorative patterns, agent model.
Type package without destroying the basis of sex, making the same type can be estimated that the system did not interact. This is including the bridge and the adapter mode.
Create a class to a group visit to visit a unified interface, which is composed of the same type of pattern to create different access interface to the different needs of visitors, this is the appearance of models.

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