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. NET My Services on the impact of application development

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Author: ZDNET CHINA feature Date: October 24, 2001

Name change, but the concept is still the same
. Microsoft on the impact of Web services market, the previous code is HailStorm, now Microsoft. NET My Services. Of course, some of the name a misnomer, because any SOAP platform will be able to use Web services; their use is not limited. NET. And as usual, in addition to marketing strategies and different than the original SDK it made little difference. Code has been stereotyped, and along with Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) held that Microsoft is ready to live up to its promise of.

Allow users to do a good job in preparation for departure
. NET My Services is a collection of xml Web services, which enable integration of information already exist Warehouse (silo) the process easier. According to Microsoft, said the service allows users to control their own data and information to protect the security of personal information and provide a new level of ease of use and personalization features. From the developer's point of view, such services provide a platform-independent way to access your user information.

More careful that there are two types of use. NET My Services methods of development. First of all, we can HailStorm-in-a-box to create your own storehouse of information, everyone learned this method from the PDC. Secondly, we can in their own applications using other people's services, we have the majority of people who use the system will move in this direction. Over time, the host provider may provide. NET My Services services, we are able to process their own to use them.

. NET My Services service is currently provided by the SDK - that is, change its name after the first version - contains the PDC has developed services in the 14 and 8 will be given to developers for testing (or playing ?). These services need to SQL Server 2000 SP1 and a number of SOAP processor, or the SOAP Toolkit 2.0 for example. NET will be able to run.

myCalendar - If you are familiar with the date of Exchange objects, you will recognize this. It also allows for selective updates, so the flights can be conducted in accordance with whether the flight to adjust your schedule, or your boss can be added to your schedule a meeting.
myCategories - This is similar to Palm Pilot and a directory of collection, it can be used to organize data in the data warehouse. For example, you may use Home or Work directory to a contract or agreement marker.

myContacts - the service list to the Exchange as the work of the contract. If you save your cell phone a phone number, you can in your home phone number to use the shortcut keys or on your Palm Pilot to see it.

myFavoriteWebSites - the service with your browser favorites compared to provide additional functionality. It can manage the storage of information was sent to where, how made. It also provides the basic functions: log in one place and then see your favorites.

myLists - hard to explain the service will eventually offer. May be a simple shopping list of data storage services? We must wait and wait and see.

myProfile - this service in addition to payment information stored all of your personal information: name, position, and identity card number in order to; your home address; favorite color. You can also save your photos.

myServices - you can imagine this as a user's security toolbox. It allows users to visit a number of other people the power of specific services. For example, if you walked into a store and hope that it will use your personal information through e-mail sent to you some things, you can use your WAP phone to log on to this service through the power of their visit.

myWallet - This is in fact today, Microsoft Wallet, the use of SOAP In addition to its different than this. It deals with the credit card and bank information.

Microsoft has provided. NET My Services as a data manipulation language. NET My Services to support the core data-processing language
. This language describes the basic operation of the six. The following have been ordered to use their services to the process of specific rules.


The function of each command is self-evident, but familiar with object-oriented development system developers will be to adapt to the language. In essence, it provides will be integrated into use. NET My Services is now the COM or. Net applications to a data access layer.

All of these services is the key to Passport, it is all Web sites and services, the only way a log. Microsoft plans to develop it into a more global e-commerce platform for the authorization, as the same ATM network in the world. Passport has been more than the 165,000,000 registered users. Windows XP it will become part of an integrated and October 25, 2001 release, were released at the same time. NET My Services.

In a September press conference, Microsoft announced that Passport and other authentication system will work, such as VeriSign, Inc., And the Client Authentication Yahoo Id. This may mean that it will to the user's surfing the Internet and e-commerce to provide a unique login.

We will go from here?
Web services to be readily accessible by the attention of the publishing house and its quiet power of savings. For example, Wrox Press plans to issue in this fall, at least five books related to Web services. (I can assure you Professional ASP.NET Web Services recommended this book you? I heard that its author is very knowledge of it!) There, Yahoo is planning to release a series of such as Office applications, use Web services to complete the information transmission.

. NET My Services will work with IBM and HP as this kind of software manufacturers to launch a service similar to hand-to-hand combat. Perhaps Microsoft's real-time messaging from a crushing defeat on the software in order to draw some lessons with some interconnectivity. In any case, the concentration of consumer information is inevitable, and this will be possible to allow developers with vision to provide customers with some of their new functions. (Editor:)

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