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The copy from here: UDDI Technical White Paper [Private ZDNet]

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Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration UDDI) is a distributed Web services standardize the registration information. At the same time, UDDI is an open specification, enterprises can be provided in accordance with the norms of their Web services to register in order to be found in other enterprises.
Web services will lead to another revolution, the Internet, it supported the adoption of any institution or individual websites with the object of programming interfaces, and full use of this distributed characteristics. The purpose of UDDI is to promote the registration of such a distributed Web services, and to help find them. This White Paper sets out the registration and the Internet will have a combined performance.
Readers of this article may want to know all the people UDDI. This article will help them understand the concept of UDDI, who use it, how you distributed the registration procedure provided by the company found other and interact with Web services.

UDDI specification defines a publish and discover Web services. Term "Web services" (Web Service) to describe a business via the Internet is usually provided by the special business services, for the purpose of the provision of other companies or software to use these services.
Web services is becoming a key link in e-commerce. For example, a company through the Internet calling service with another company to send orders directly. For instance, in a package according to the size or weight of the services required to transport costs.
The beginning of it, "discovered" it seems that Internet service is very simple, if a known business partner with a known e-commerce portal, what is the need to find it? However, please note that a prerequisite here is that these information are known. When you want to identify business partners to provide the services, the situation soon becomes complicated. One method is to call each business partner, and then try to find a suitable person to ask. And this provides a Web services business, is to employ a senior technical staff to deal with inquiries from time to time of service, this is unrealistic.
To solve this problem another way by the existence of companies in each site description language of Web services. In this way, at least those who rely on the registered URL to work reptiles process network for them to find and index. However, through this "robots.txt" to locate Web services rely entirely on the ability of reptiles procedures. Distributed positioning that is scalable, but it is the lack of a mechanism to ensure consistency in service description formats can not easily keep track of the changes that have taken place. UDDI is for the companies and their Web services provided by the registration, and Web services are commonly used to describe the xml format.

UDDI Business Registry
UDDI is the core of the UDDI business registration, the Enterprise itself and the services it provides are used to describe an xml document. Conceptually, UDDI business registration information provided by three components: "white pages" including business address, contact methods and identifiers to be recognized; "yellow pages", including the industry standards; "Green Pages" includes enterprises providing services of technical information. Green Pages also contains service description with the link, if necessary, but also with other file or URL-based discovery mechanism of the association.

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