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Visual Studio. NET enables developers to quickly build and deploy XML Web services and applications

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Visual Studio. NET enables developers to quickly build and deploy xml Web services and applications
(2002.02.25) From: CSDN

Levin was Mond Washington, February 8, 2002 - four years, Microsoft has been engaged in Microsoft. NET (next-generation xml Web services and applications of the concept, they are a seamless, secure way connected to the entire Internet The people, equipment and information) of the basic work. Next week, Microsoft will celebrate. NET's an important milestone - the tool will be distributed worldwide through the next generation of programmers will promote network technology.

February 13 in San Francisco, VSLive!, Microsoft will be held in Visual Studio. NET - quickly build and deploy xml Web services and applications of integrated tools - the conference. Visual Studio. NET for software developers around the world provide a powerful tool, enabling them to fast for any device, any platform widely used web applications, build powerful Windows applications. It will also allow developers to work with suppliers, partners, customers and other staff can be integrated together to quickly build a corporate firewall or outside the firewall, reusable business logic. Not just. NET product, Microsoft Visual Studio. NET as. NET's fundamental enabler.

Even in the formal introduction of this tool before, a number of developers on the Visual Studio. NET interested. Many developers use a version of β, and a lot of people have been using pre-release version of the deployment of the product. Developers say they are Visual Studio. NET for most popular languages to attract support, and Visual Studio. NET features to minimize the use of their language at the time of the retraining process. Because Visual Studio. NET environment for rapid application development (RAD) and object-oriented approach, it greatly reduced the developer of the application code must be prepared and thus enable them to quickly launch applications . At the same time, this new tool allows applications other than the development environment in the development process faster and more scalable.

"We represent the developers to live, work, entertainment at any time, any place, any use of the Internet-connected devices such as cellular phone, PDA or computer, the changes that have taken place." Eric Rudder - Microsoft Developer Vice-Chairman of the Missionaries of the Department and the platform said, "Visual Studio. NET is any place for Internet users of the tool caused by this change."

Independent experts believe that Visual Studio. NET for the upcoming Web services and applications is very important to the world.

"I do not know what kind of technology and Visual Studio. NET compete", Roger Sessions - Texas, Austin, Inc. (a major expansion of the distribution system to the level of the training company) CEO, said, "It swept away a large number of obstacles, so that developers can easily track the complex network applications, compared with other systems lower the cost. Visual Studio. NET will become the leading web application, with the network services market year after year there, Visual Studio. NET will become the mainstream in that area. "

Has reached the hands of developers

It is no longer the old. Visual Studio. NET version of the β and pre-release version has been distributed to the 3.5 million developers around the world hands - it has become Microsoft's history, but also the history of the industry's largest pre-release version. β procedures created a sensation caused by a thriving ecosystem, including:

Through the ASP.NET GoLive! There are more than 6000 users have used versions of ASP.NET β deployed. NET product solutions.

75 Visual Studio Integration Program (VSIP) partners, such as Rational, Compuware and Crystal Decisions, providing them with a number of developer tools and languages can seamlessly in Visual Studio. NET work.

35 independent software vendors (ISVs), including ComponentOne, Infragistics and SoftArtisans, they had announced more than 130. NET software components, many components of good sales.

More than 800 academic institutions participated in the MSDN Academic Alliance, in the. NET development involves more than 200,000 students

More than 20 languages running on the supplier. NET on the programming language, including c + +, Perl, Python, Java, COBOL, Fortran, RPG and Eiffel

"Visual Studio. NET is a true object-oriented environment, it makes every time you do not have access to a functional re-start from the beginning," Jacob A. Grass said, Abiliti solutions software engineer, he developed for the telecommunications industry and customer management software charges, "for example,. NET class encapsulates most of Windows APIs, making it easier to visit their functions."

". NET is not just than the java / Linux more powerful platform for a more scalable, it is an efficient platform," ObjectWatch said meeting. "Development process is very quick and easy preparation of a reduction of the cost of new applications.. NET and the combination of Intel hardware is cost-effective: In an application under Linux costs about 10 million U.S. dollars, and in the .net / Intel under the only about one million U.S. dollars. This will run on expensive hardware devices on the Linux applications have a real pressure. "

Developers have access to the Visual Studio. NET benefits

CafePress.com has seen. NET platform benefits. The company provides an e-commerce purchasing solutions that enable individuals, groups and companies to sell goods online. In the use of. NET framework ago, CafePress.com the development platform and found it very slow, and there is a problem it can not continue to develop.

"Since the transplant. NET Framework, our development speed has increased greatly", Fred Durham, CafePress.com company's CEO said, "about the project cycle time reduced to the previous development cycle of 1 / 4. This means that Our users get more features and services. use. NET Framework, we will be able more easily to the development of major clients, the code set. This is to say that we are free to provide more services and features. In addition, this is because the development time was compressed, the code needed to greatly decrease the amount. "

Durham by saying,. NET Framework for CafePress.com has eliminated 75% of development time and increase the efficiency of the network server: From the previous system, the utilization rate of 50-70% increase in the utilization rate of 2-3%.

Abiliti solutions using Visual Studio. NET and the. NET platform to create the software includes a graphics generator XML structure - the business analyst to be able to access, Grass said. Abiliti with one weeks time the development of applications - more than another tool for the development of Abiliti estimated less than half the time spent. Time savings attributable to many properties; for example, Grass said that when he created the user interface, all the controls and forms exist in the class, the time saved is hardly a letter.

For clients, servers and a wide range of support services

Visual Studio. NET to deliver improved performance and productivity, it enables developers to make use of existing skills, using their own choice of programming language developed at the same time it provides the smallest of the RAD environment to prepare the necessary code. Visual Studio. NET is a support of the whole. NET platform (including the client, service and network service) of integrated tools.
And single-language channels - such as Java, only 6% of developers know and use this language - different, Visual Studio. NET and. NET Framework support in 20 languages, including Visual Basic, Visual C++ + +, COBOL, Basic, RPG , FORTRAN and Java. In fact prepared in any language applications, including XML Web services can be shared and reused, so that developers can make use of the existing code and skills to quickly build applications. The use of Visual Studio. NET, developers do not have to spend time and money to learn a new language - ObjectWatch on the basis of meeting the cost of retraining can be taken up one year's wages.

In addition to saving time and retraining costs, Visual Studio. NET on a wide range of language support can be greatly expanded the scope of employment developers.

"Visual Studio. NET has enabled us to develop employment for all qualified staff, rather than restricted to those familiar with our specific language used by the developers," Abiliti solutions Grass said that he was Microsoft's most valuable experts (MVP) This is because he is actively involved in Microsoft's online news group specified. "This is very important for us because we were able to focus on finding those with the correct development of conceptual knowledge, not to express concern about those who use knowledge of grammar developers. In Visual Studio. NET and the. NET platform , developers choose to use their language, all code can work together.

"We hope to include all of the developers so that they are successful, and from the. NET platform to benefit from, and whether they know what is the programming language, and regardless of what they used before to build applications." Rudder said Microsoft , "Visual Studio. NET is a tool to achieve these goals - to achieve these goals the only tool."

In addition to learning a new language to reduce the demand, Visual Studio. NET and RAD so that developers do not have examples of those time-consuming preparation of the code, and it is across all. NET platform, including clients, servers and services, provided these advantages. The past, when developers for the desktop machines, cellular phones and pocket PCs and other equipment to create applications, they have independently of each customer premise equipment for the preparation of applications, and require different tools and techniques. For comparison, the use of Visual Studio. NET developers to create the application once, using a simple drag-and-drop environment, they can each type of customer premises equipment to designate a new interface, which reuse the same code.

"In Visual Studio. NET there before, as a Windows application developer, I have never been to create dynamic pages, because it is I am not familiar with the types of applications." Remi Thomas said, and another MVP, he Pixel Technologies (a creation of digital image processing solutions for software companies) use the 6 months of Visual Studio. NET. "Now, through the Visual Studio. NET, I can create any type of application: dynamic pages, Windows applications or more. This is easier for me because no matter what type of development applications, I can use I am familiar with the technology. "

On the server, the new RAD tool allows developers to take full advantage of. NET Enterprise Server - such as BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server and SQL Server - the drag-and-drop object-oriented technology, while ago in a complex distributed application in this is impossible. For example, Visual Studio. NET's Server Explorer tool allows developers to create desktop applications with the same drag-and-drop operation, you can visit a number of server and management tools, databases and other components into applications.

Visual Studio. NET developers do not have the preparation of new code, you can immediately make use of the existing XML-based network services such as authentication and password. NET self-service. These network services used to integrate the "technology pipeline" or the basic structure has been build to. NET Framework in. When the user on the Internet from a site to another site, developers can quickly create a user to deliver the power of these applications.
Ready to use Visual Studio. NET

Because Visual Studio. NET developers have used the experience to master, so the use of the new development environment is relatively short learning time. Pixel Technology's Thomas said that he was in less than two weeks time on the familiar Visual Studio. NET.

Rudder said Microsoft developers need Visual Studio. NET amount of training is different. For those familiar with the vc + + developers is, in fact, does not need to learn, and are familiar with vb developers will find a number of optional features object-oriented programming, they will become accustomed to these features. Developers can also learn new languages such as Visual C++ # and Visual J #, the new language is created by Microsoft to make full use of. NET platform.
Microsoft to create a number of options to help developers for Visual Studio. NET ready:

Developers can download the. NET Framework Software Development Kit (SDK), or join the user groups or news groups to other people from access to knowledge, Microsoft did not charge a fee. Low-cost options include subscription of new Visual Studio. NET magazines.

Investment is more important, including the supply of subscriptions were from MSDN, which developers will be eligible to visit the MSDN Web site and MSDN Library, MSDN managed newsgroup, Microsoft expert support and a quarterly basis to update the online chat service.

Developers can take part. NET Readiness Road Show, Microsoft, both nationally and internationally to provide a two-day courses. Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center (CTECs) also provide training courses. NET programmers to certification.
"Continuing state of awe-inspiring"

"Since the 16 months prior to Visual Studio. NET version of since the emergence of β, I began to use it, and it is what I have used the most productive development environment." Abiliti solutions Grass said, "It is full of improve the characteristics of the developer experience, it makes me work more organized and productive. Every day, I always feel that Visual Studio. NET awesome - it makes me more calm, to increase my productivity, reduce I need to write code - it makes me excited about doing. "

"We absolutely believe that the relatively Visual Studio. NET is to create XML-based network services and applications the way, and these services and applications is the use of computers, PDAs, cellular phones and other equipment to carry out innovative ways." Microsoft's Rudder said, "even before the official release of products, from developers to respond to groups told us that they agree with this view. When you are on your computer the idea that when the industry will help you to see the concept of a reality is a very pleasant thing. "

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