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Web services-based applications, solutions and development platform

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framework for Web Service: the application based on Web services, solutions and development platform


Public UDDI Registry
Microsoft Halistorm
Bowstreet Solution
DealEasy Enterprise Portal Solution
Platform to build Web services and service components
Microsoft. NET
IBM Web Service
Case Study: the practice of Web services references About the author

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CHAI Xiao-Lu (fennivel@uddi-china.org)
Chief system Architect
July 24, 2001

This is the Web services architecture of the third series of articles, following the definition of Web services technology introduction and technical specifications to explore the current practice of the existing Web services. First of all, the authors investigated the application of existing Web services, and then visit a number of B2B solutions provider to provide Web services-based solutions and products, the last of several major platform suppliers, opening up the Web services tools and platforms for a comprehensive introduction.
In this series on an article, I What is Web services, Web services standards and technology to explore in detail. Whether it has been based on the technology, solutions and development tools to deliver to users? The answer is yes, Web services have begun to put into practice. The present situation, the existing Web services architecture based on the application has started in Internet / intranet deployed. They relate to the above-mentioned Business-Oriented Web Service, Client-Oriented Web Service, Device-Oriented Web Service and System-Oriented Web Service and so on.

resources mainly include two categories of services is the Web site of the technical resources, including a large number of Web services, technical information, and the other is Web services "stack" series of technical specifications, they are a technical system, including UDDI, SOAP, WSDL, xml and so on. Finally, this article links to these resources, interested readers can find these resources link the content.

Public UDDI Registry

UDDI Registry is a system used for Web services, Web services technology as a registry exists, the UDDI Registry, I have used this column a number of articles presented here will not repeat. The following is a link to these articles.

UDDI Executive White Paper - http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/xml/specification/index1.shtml
UDDI Technical White Paper - http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/xml/specification/index2.shtml
UDDI service architecture implemented - http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/xml/soap/index7.shtml
UDDI registration data model information - http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/xml/soap/index8.shtml
tModel explain the purpose and structure - http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/webservices/ws-tmodel/part1/index.shtml
tModel system and public tModel - http://www.cn.ibm.com/developerWorks/webservices/ws-tmodel/part2/index.shtml
Microsoft Halistorm

Microsoft's Halistorm is Microsoft's own framework. NET platform provides a Web-based distributed applications to share information between the basic resources needed for the platform. This is an individual user's Web service platform for the personal use of the storage, retrieval and exchange of information. However, HailStorm is not designed to be used to manage any type of information, but specifically for individuals to manage personal proprietary information storage. Here are some to some extent but represent examples of different scenarios:

You are walking on a road, need to check the calendar at this time, just to see what the meeting arrangements. You find an Internet terminal, the log on to Web-based calendar.

In the use of your home computer. Desktop wallpaper automatically included in the corner of a small calendar, of which you have marked in Microsoft Outlook (or other application with a calendar) recorded in the calendar and the birthday anniversary.

You are using the computer has just installed a new application, the company used to help arrange a carpool to encourage compliance by the system. Use it, you can coordinate their schedules to take the group with the combined schedule of other people in line.

In addition, the train operator may be able to provide a train schedule online services, using Microsoft's new technology, keep up-to-date information on trains to the hair to your desktop or other device. And if you think boldly launched their wings, they will find it for as Federal Express, Air China and other large companies is likely to be the meaning of revolutionary. In addition, HailStorm client will not just Microsoft's MSN Messenger, also could be a Palm / PocketPC, etc., which can also imagine, when you will reach a certain level of stock prices as soon as we can from their handheld computer or other equipment are Instant Messaging, and may at any time through your instant messaging software to sell shares or any other work completed.

Bowstreet Solution

Bowstreet is the assessment by the Gartner Group 6 Web services, one of the most leading companies (six companies, including this: Microsoft, IBM, HP, Bowstreet, SUN and Oracle). Bowstreet sales are the two main products: Bowstreet? Business Web Factory and Business Web Portal Solution.

Bowstreet Business Web Factory is a Web service modeling, assembly, dynamic change management, as well as a platform for customization. It consists of three parts: "Designer", "Customizer" and "Automation Engine".

"Designer", the use of Designer, programmer in accordance with the parameter-driven model to assemble Web services, without the need to write code in particular, in general these parameters include specification called Web services, as well as the context of acts, such as calls.

"Customizer", through the use of this simple browser-based tool, business users can customize their Profile to define the conduct of the use of Web applications.

"Automation Engine" in the run-time Designer and Cusomizer states to accept the service configuration changes, and after create a new customized Web applications.

Business Web Portal Solution includes Bowstreet for enterprise e-commerce and the development of a set of business products, such as Enterprise Portal, Supply Chain Collaboration And, these products are all based on Web services, can in a unified cross-platform integration.

DealEasy Enterprise Portal Solution

DealEasy Enterprise Portal is based on two technologies:

Information sharing;
Service Integration.
Information sharing which includes:

Customers and internal staff on the customer support information sharing (sharing of information from the enterprise customer support information, customer support and customer feedback of the self-service experience)
Business partners and information sharing (primarily may include market information [such as customer feedback information may include], technical information and operating information, etc.)
Internal staff to share information (internal technical experience, project experience, market experience, etc.)
Integrated services include:

Partners and enterprise information system integration, the degree of cooperation in response to increased costs, such as supply chain;
Internal system integration, making work within the real;
Large-scale customers and corporate clients of the docking system to improve the large-scale customer satisfaction, reduce service costs.
Portal components include: Collaborative Platform / Knowledge Base / Information Accelerator / Private UDDI Registry / Routing and Reliability Service.

Platform to build Web services and service components

The following is the main platform for providers of Web services development tools and platforms:

Microsoft. NET

Microsoft. NET is the concept and technology champion, the complexity of the coverage and is second to none, which is also appropriately reflected the xml Web services to Microsoft in the field of leadership. . NET framework can refer to the map:

Figure 1. Microsoft. NET framework for the system

Which Visual Studio. NET already have beta 2, can pass the test and the way partners. Some other development platform and the development of components can visit the following website:

Microsoft. NET Framework SDK beta - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?ReleaseID=25776
Microsoft xml 4.0 Parser and SDK - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?ReleaseID=31333
Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0 - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?ReleaseID=29247
Microsoft UDDI SDK v1.5.2 - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?ReleaseID=30880
Microsoft's Web services platform and a full set of tools is excellent, but its disadvantages are also obvious and can not be outside in the Windows platform using the platform, but Microsoft claims this year and beyond. NET operating platform. NET Runtime (Common Language Runtime) support will be FreeBSD, Linux and UNIX, let us wait and see.

IBM Web Service

IBM in the development of Web services have changed the last century too modest and conservative style, has become proactive, big meteor, but a solid step-by-step. In the Web services specification, Microsoft is IBM's key partners, such as SOAP, WSDL and UDDI, IBM and Microsoft technology is absolutely first-person. And in-house technology, IBM is using j2ee framework alphaWorks In addition to relying on its own strength, but also absorb, draw upon all types of organizations, the results of open-source (such as Apache SOAP and jUDDI, etc.), in its Websphere platform to provide a complete and leading Web services development tools.

These software packages and tools are:

Web Service Toolkit (contains a Private UDDI Registry, WSDL generation tools, etc.) - http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/webservicestoolkit
Web Service PMT (Web services, process management tool) - http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/wspmt
Apache SOAP - http://xml.apache.org/soap/

Sun invented Java, after the epoch-making, it seems that little by little lost his creativity, the world's largest platform Java-based software developer is IBM, not the Sun, the world's most technologically leading Web software developers is Microsoft, not Sun, Sun may be "firmly" believe that java is the Internet, it seems that Microsoft and IBM have experienced in the field of Web services quickly lead, as well as the two companies in the field of Web services after the close co-operation, Sun has finally understand that Web services are java had to face of the system architecture of the new model.

Although slightly rushed, but in time Sun introduced the Sun or in the era of Web services solutions for Sun ONE. But even as the Sun ONE is a Sun provided by the Web service by adding features of J2EE platform, rather than like a pure development platform for Web services. At the same time it is the most important shortcomings of Web services description and discovery of the two standards (WSDL and UDDI) support is still not perfect.

Case Study: the practice of Web services

So far, I have on the business needs of Web services, Web services and Web services technology, as well as the current development tools to do the full range of presentations, then in the next article, I will combine to detail an example of description of how real the planning, design and create a specific application of Web services.


Web Service Technology / comment sites
UDDI-China.ORG, to UDDI-based Web services technology site.
WebServices.ORG, Web services technology integrated site.
IBM developerWorks / Web Service Zone, IBM's Web Services Technology Resource Center
MSDN Online Web Services Developer Resources, Microsoft's Web services, Web site developers resources
ITPapers / Web Service, ITPapers reviews of Web services to resolve B2B e-business applications and integrated interactive InterOP Stack series of technical standards
UDDI Executive White Paper, UDDI-China.org, UDDI.org
UDDI Technical White Paper, UDDI-China.org, UDDI.org
UDDI programmers API specification, UDDI-China.org, UDDI.org
UDDI Data Structure Reference, UDDI-China.org, UDDI.org
Web Service Description Language (WSDL) 1.0, IBM, 25 Sep 2000
SOAP: Simple Object access Protocol Specification 1.1, IBM, Microsoft, DevelopMentor, 2000
Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 (Second Edition), W3C, 6 Oct 2000
About the author

CHAI Xiao-Lu: Shanghai too easy to e-commerce Technology Co., Ltd. (DealEasy) Chief System Architect, XML technology consultant. UDDI-China.org Studios Blue Flame (Blue Blaze Studio) members. UDDI Advisor Group members, WSUI Working Group members. Fudan University in 2000 a master's degree in computer science, computer science in the International Academic Conference (ICSC), the Asia-Pacific Seminar on XML technologies (XML Asia / Pacific'99), the Chinese XML technical seminar (Beijing), computer science journals various types of international and domestic major conferences and journals published more than paper. Specializing in XML-based system integration and data exchange of technical studies, at the same time on the database, object-oriented technologies such as technology and know more about CSCW.

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