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Web services from front-line reports back

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Web services is that this gloomy in the field of e-commerce a few bright spots

. Last week I visited the Web Services Edge 2001, which is the city of Santa Clara, California, a small fair, it was mostly developers, and to participate in the exhibition are mainly java development tools and application server vendors. Web services giants - Microsoft, IBM, and Sun - are not present, probably think that this is a small incident. In other words, this is a very good display of their products to look at the people the idea of Web services, real good place to bring the market does not tingle griddle griddle Jinyuan sound interference.

PC early this incident as the advent of the employees in the industry is almost an academic discussion about a new technology, it is envisaged that it will truly bring about what kind of long-term impact. Web services that people are not technically commendable local - they only deal through a simple xml integration makes possible. Here are some Web services in the emerging key issues and observations:

Simplistic. IT industry should start now, together with the Web service forward, and not have to wait for the new security and the emergence of business process. Simple Object access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) to constitute the IT industry in the integrated xml firewall to complete the project with all the necessary things - it provides a Web service, and short-term opportunities. If we have to wait to finalize those standards association is only to repeat the content of the current agreement, then its realization will become a very complicated process, and finally, like other complex components, like the structure to failure (for example, DCE Open software Association, or Association of Object Management of CORBA).

Reduce the cost of Enterprise integration. Today, many companies rely on expensive enterprise application integration (EAI) products, which can attached to a specific application for commercial use to communicate between the interface adapter. Web services will eventually out of EAI, the application provides a simple, message-based data exchange process. In several experimental procedures, several vendors have claimed that they significantly reduce the cost of integration projects and time to market. To emphasize once again that simple is the best: only Microsoft and java is the object of a dialogue between each other - this is the EAI does not address the fundamental problem - the direct benefits.

B2B practical problem to solve. This is a most frequently cited example: it can be used to substitute for the process of electronic data interchange (EDI). For most commercial activities, a full set up by different enterprises proprietary complex and too expensive to connect systems, these systems are usually used for bulk purchase of raw materials. Web services B2B program to make up for past deficiencies: among enterprises in low-cost machines - a matter between the machine process. For many B2B applications with SSL for HTTP may be not fast enough and reliable enough, so it is worth mentioning that Slam Dunk Networks and Kenamea provides HTTP security solutions.

B2B solutions will not be get publicity head. A number of participants to explore the general description and Integration (UDDI) is the definition of Web services, one of the three agreements uneasy. Using a UDDI directory, and tens of thousands of Web services through the Internet and other automated Web services integrated with the idea that there are many problems - the most obvious one is to capture the volume of information services will always be unrealistic. If the business does not form in the B2B market linkages of mutual trust, then they are too afraid to identify in the absence of the Web services and turn to go. First of all, if you want to establish a reliable link, then why does it have to take the trouble of a UDDI directory to build it? On this issue there is a best answer: UDDI can be used for both transactions have mutual understanding of the process of private exchange, or for an enterprise's internal applications to make it easier.

Finally, consider those who advise you to start Web services program to achieve the company: Microsoft. Net and j2ee camp dispute between the parties because both sides want to convince the market they have the only viable platform for Web services and to continue to upgrade, or a direct confrontation or secretly so overcast. My suggestions are as follows: in the development of the configuration when you try not to stem the present framework together. If you already have some proficiency in the c + + programmer and you have used in the back-end Windows, then you can buy a Visual Studio. Net and the beta version of these programmers use C++ # to develop a useful application of Web services . If you have started the J2EE programmers EJB using SOAP binding, then upgrade to the latest version of the best support for Web services and J2EE application server for these programmers to use it. Experiment everything you all. After all, Web services is one of the main benefits of the development and integration of low-cost process, in this year the idea is very good.

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