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What is the ASP.NET Web Service

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In the. NET framework on all the components have been designed to be as a Web Ser vi ce to provide so on. NET
Platform Web Service can use. NET Framework's various advanced features such as language unrelated to the class of rich integrated security services. NET provides a variety of Web Service technology to describe the standardization of technology and transfer Web Service, such as xml WSDL SOAP HTTP -GET HTTP-POST and so on in. NET
Framework on the Web Service can be built easily with other Web Service platform to communicate with each other suggests. NET Framework Beta 1 in the Web Service description language using the SDL Services
Description Language language rather than the WSDL language
. NET Framework to build a Web Service of the function is placed in the ASP.NET system This is because Web
Service technology is a programmable Web a programmable Web ASP.NET Web
Services provided by a layer of abstraction allows developers do not have to focus on the use of Web Services to the bottom of the range of HTTP SOAP WSDL, such as for example, details of which can serve to focus attention on the function itself in ASP.NET in a Web Ser vi ce was to achieve for such a class by specifying the function of some members of the service interface to expose to the Web Service requestor of the requestor in order to provide services for these categories were placed in the asmx extension of the text file
Web Service the requestor, there are two browsers and the code logic that we can directly access Web Service
URL of the page by clicking on the service providers call the method can also be visited in the program logic of Web Service
To a remote Web Service as a component of the procedure in order to achieve the latter look at ASP.NET provides a Web
Service Proxy Class level programmers can use. NET Framework SDK tools included the use of wsdl.exe to visit the Web Ser vi ce to generate a WSDL description of the service and the corresponding category in the Proxy Class Agent Web Ser vi ce client Just as the logic of the use of local object type, like using a proxy to access remote
Web Service Proxy Class can be a provider of Web Service Generation and Assembly of the form can also be made available to outside users by the service under the service description to generate the WSDL for ASP.NET developers to hide most of the details such as the transmission of xml Schema and xml data to generate the send and receive data, etc. Of course, if developers need access to the underlying structure to obtain more accurate control. NET Class Library provides a set of classes to help developers to complete these tasks

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