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Why Web services will be a major event

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Author: David Coursey
Date: February 21, 2002


When Microsoft, IBM and Sun have agreed to change a thing when the status quo, this is what is it? In fact, they have done so
. The field of computer suddenly black trio together, at least in their recent unified goal. They have a mind to impose the idea of consumers to the poor sales of their Web services.

I'm not sure when the software industry are suddenly all the pilot lights are a little shine on - especially when it is not on the obvious response to user needs - that is the Web service.

If a company trying to sell something you do not understand, then it may be wishful thinking is usually a. However, Web services may be an exception. That is because they are built on things we have on the well-known (for example, Internet and component-based programming) to solve some practical problems and create new opportunities.

How to do and why do the question is: how to make your application through the Internet to engage in dialogue with each other?

Then why do you let them in dialogue? Perhaps to do so is to enable the company needs to know a specific application in commodity prices can be automatically asked a supplier of computers to real-time access to this information

Or perhaps your company is a car rental companies, airlines need to allow access to all your taxi reservation system. Or you have a Web site, hoping that all the mobile phones and wireless PDA to download the contents of your site without having to care about these devices is totally different.

Today, all of these solutions are designed for specific needs of a particular procedure. Each supplier, airlines and mobile phones or wireless devices used by data exchange methods may vary. Because, taking into account all these complexities, most of these issues have not yet been resolved, thus providing a significant loss of efficiency of the software.

Web services solved the problem, it established a standardized method to make communication so that applications and equipment through the Internet the first time the back-end data-sharing easier.

The following examples demonstrate Web services have a very simple example, this example is that I have a Microsoft-sponsored Web services created by the working group

We want to do is on a Windows computer, enter some data by another computer to add up and they are derived and then it will increase the results of fat. We use a Linux computer on the Internet to complete the work of the sum.

First, we create a simple Windows application to enter the number we want to add, and then format them in order to Linux program - that is, Web services - the ability to understand and deal with them. The client and then find out how to display the Linux platform to generate results.

We now click the button, it is necessary to add up the figures to be sent to a Linux computer, where our new Web services created them together, and then put them in and return to the Windows computer, this Windows computer to know how to show the outcome. All of these have been able to work because some of the criteria have been established to tell the computer how to communicate.

Because in the Internet based, Linux computer should know how any one needs to add services to our client computers - or even any other computer program - to provide the same Web service. You can modify this function than the simple mathematical calculation of what is more important, it will become very powerful.

Sharing application
Web services are carried out on the use of Web access to information programming approach: the complexity of the task is to provide a common solution framework
. Web solution as with the search for and display the same information-related issues - thanks to the common language of HTML - Web services allow applications and their own ads through the Internet to reach all the people that they must work to complete.

This application is not a new idea to share ideas, at least not entirely new ideas. Called time-sharing service, a commercial company can hire a mainframe computing time on the service used to be a large business. It is also asp or application service provider's predecessor.

On the contrary with the Web service to share after you are no longer an application but have two or more applications through the network communication and collaboration. Web services may even include only the component parts of the application.

Why is this promising technology will be referred to as Web services? Because the applications communicate with each other using the Web as early as the HTTP protocol has been used. This means that applications to the preparation of Web pages with HTML a similar manner to communicate. Web services communication language known as XML.

Glossary to explain the preparation of an article on Web services is the subject quickly becoming more and more complex
. Think about reading this article you must be something: I need to know how to write the article must also be aware that you understand a language. I also need a way to tell you that you will receive this message.

And then I need a way to send the message, and then you need a way to your back-end applications to access and display the message. Of course, you must be able to read you all the screen.

In real life, this process seems quite simple, but it is because there are numerous standard at work. Web services use a number of standards already exist, while others have been basically established standards, some standards will be created. So when you see some familiar or not familiar with the language and abbreviations, when, for example, UDDI, XML, SOAP and other Web services in terms of time, do not feel that this is stupid.

Glossary explanation is very important. The reason is: This is the historian and the prophet known as the "inflection point" where it refers to the importance of other things there and change things at all times.

Web services may be able to dramatically change the application is running and development of the way, just as Web changed the way we access and share information and even changed the way we do business and to act the same.

To know the future proof of this point, please feel free to pay attention to our website. On Wednesday, Bill Gates will be in San Francisco, introduced the latest version of Microsoft's flagship development tool, Visual Studio.Net, it has been used to help developers create these Web services.

I will pay attention to see what Bill would say - and then back will introduce more of this with such great potential for technology, makes this technology is the largest computer companies formed a unique alliance.

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