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ActiveX control is packaged release [No certificate of release] (1)

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ActiveX in order to solve a recent technical issues, with an ActiveX control, vb do, what features are not,

ActiveX is a test release, and version updates! Toss a couple of days, and finally to understand some of them engage in the process!

Incidentally, remember what might otherwise forget! Read an article about using c # to develop ActiveX functions, but C++ # can only be

Managed to do the procedures require. Net framework installed on the client before they can run! So, I finally developed, or

Use VB6, vc + +6 to develop.

From the production of test ActiveX controls, playing packaging, released the following steps:

VB development ActiveX control steps:

1, create an ActiveX Control project

2, Draw ActiveX control interface, and write code

3, particular attention to: the properties of the project on the Make page, there is a Version Number area, need you to write the current control

Version number, this is closely related to local and automatically download! When you check the remote Web browser to a version number of this machine control

And the server is not the same as when the browser will automatically download the new version of the control from the server installation, so you compile

The new version of the control must change the version number! Doing so may lead to the remote can not be updated.

4, compile ActiveX Controls

ActiveX control is packaged steps:

This example to Studio 6.0 package comes with tools for example.

1, select the current selection of packaged VB ActiveX items.

2, in which the choice Package Type when there are three options:

1) Standard setup package

2) Internet Package

3) Dependency File

Select the second!

3, to select File Source, when there are three options:
1) Include in this cab

2) download from microsoft web site

3) download from alternate web site

The above option is for the program included in each of the relevant dll, ocx, so if you want to modify the parameters, the need for a set of files!

I would propose to choose the first! Because some of the controls from the outside update, you may encounter issues such certificates,

May lead to your program can not be used, so use all the local option is the most worry!

Packaging process, other steps, there is no special explanation, all with the default settings!

4, the release of the control of the Web site's root directory to build a directory, called ActiveX bar, the fight packaged Package all the files in the directory

Copied to the ActiveX directory.

5, packing cases after changing test htm files:

Package is complete, the tool will automatically generate a project name and the same htm file, which the code is as follows:

<TITLE> WebActiveX.CAB </ TITLE>
</ HEAD>
<! - If any of the controls on this page require licensing, you must
create a license package file. Run LPK_TOOL.EXE to create the
required LPK file. LPK_TOOL.EXE can be found on the ActiveX SDK,
http://www.microsoft.com/intdev/sdk/sdk.htm. If you have the Visual
Basic 6.0 CD, it can also be found in the \ Tools \ LPK_TOOL directory.

The following is an example of the Object tag:

<OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:5220cb21-c88d-11cf-b347-00aa00a28331">
- "

<OBJECT ID = "ActiveXDrive"
CLASSID = "CLSID: F68EC215-0F14-416F-B680-FF8C772A0B47"
CODEBASE = "WebActiveX.CAB # version = 1,1,0,0">

Amended as follows:

CODEBASE = " # version = 1,1,0,0">
</ BODY>
</ HTML>

Note that the top part of the red font.

The client IE settings:

1, open IE-> Internet Options - "Security -> internet, the security level is set to low! Should focus on "Custom Level" inside,

Are there restrictions on ActiveX, and if there is full release!

2, if installed firewall software, and pay attention to the software have no restrictions on the http access if there is full release!

The final step: hey, on another computer to access the server published ActiveX controls. Should be successful bar!

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