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Certificates and signatures - try Microsoft certification testing tools provided by the series of

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In the VS installed and found the path ** VC7 \ Common7 \ Tools \ Bin \ under many small tools, I am more interested in the file with a Cert. After the study, found to be relevant certificates and signatures, of course, the certificate has not been Certificates Accreditation. Listed below are the use of these tools and my experiences.
1. Makecert.exe --- Certificate Creation Tool
2. Cert2Spc.exe --- issuer certificate of testing tools
3. Signcode.exe --- File Signing tool to face its many parameters, I had 11 attempts. After years of creating, I have been able to do the certificate of self-creation, sub-creation of the certificate, document signatures. Hey, this ActiveX control to automatically download the next issue can be considered to solve a part of it, something happens nothing to do ourselves a series of small software, then why not sign a name?
To establish their own root certificate:
makecert-sk myPK-ss myName-n "CN = LUO31 studio"-rc: \ luo31.cer
sk-expressed the theme of location of key container, ss-subject certificate store name, n-certificate object, r-certificate store location;
If you need to export the private key file, please do not use the sk, and the change to s, eg: makecert-ss myName-n "CN = LUO31 studio"-sv c: \ luo31.pvk-rc: \ luo31.cer
Create a custom root certificate authority with the sub-certificate:
makecert-sk "myPK"-is myName-n "CN = luo31" - $ commercial-ic c: \ luo31.cer c: \ 31.cer
sk-expressed the theme of key container location, is-the name of the issuer of the certificate store, n-certificate object, ic-issuer of the certificate store location, - $ - terms of reference (for code signing);
Use Cert2Spc generate spc issuer certificate (optional):
cert2spc c: \ 31.cer c: \ 31.spc
Use signcode for your program, library or cab package signature:
Double-click signcode, or in the console type signcode, with no arguments will launch signature wizard. In the third step select the "Custom Options", the fourth step choose "Select from File" option 31.spc or 31.cer, the fifth step select "CSP in the private key" in the key container selection we define The myPK, other steps can be the default, if you want to add a time stamp, please stamp the server address, type: (free time-stamp certificate) http://timestamp.verisign.com/scripts/timstamp.dll
Upon completion, observe your signature file attributes, should have added a digital signature key.
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