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Smart Client Case Study Source Code Download from MSDN China

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MSDN China since the change, the more and more rich content, a particularly large number of activities. Especially in regard to the smart client. Recent systematic study of smart client technology, found in the MSDN China several Case Study of the source code available for download, the source from the case in reality, very useful.

Information management systems book download

Whether or not a book-sharing community to the existence of long-term stability is often dependent on the active participation of members. Convenience of an online library management system library can provide the realization of shared community and mutual complementarity of flexible education, the sharing of information is the book a very important community work.
At present, the price of technical books are relatively high, the electronic resources and weeding because of too many people know what to do. Therefore, when contact with a technical staff of a new technology, if there are other master or to understand the technology to help people, then, would greatly reduce the learning cycle, the efficiency will be greatly increased. We hope that through the establishment of such a community-based information sharing system to study, to specifically address the issue of the sharing of learning materials for the worldwide technical community to provide services.

Hospital Information Management System Download

Hospital Information Management System (Hospital Information System, HIS) is a complex management information systems (Management Information Systems, MIS), HIS system is the core of the patient and medical history, records and management system needs to accompany the flow of people, logistics, financial flows generated by all kinds of information, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency of the entire hospital. Winarray HIS as a complete out-of HIS system management system management system for in-patient departments, the Hospital Drug Storehouse Management System is composed of three parts. HIS Demo is Winarray HIS prototype out-patient management system, including major business system and style. Stressed the importance of the characteristics of the smart update.

SmartClient in LeySer System Download

LeySer System is a series of schools have a long history of family management system software, specific products, accounting school, school to give, personnel management, fee management, asset management system, PhotoBoard. At present, private schools in Japan LeySer management software market share, ranking the first, to occupy the school management software in Japan more than 70% market share. LeySer products available from the 83 years since the introduction of new versions continue to meet the needs of new users as well as adapt to new technological developments. Ver.8.0 version (. Net version) is significantly more re-production and new design to achieve an unprecedented multi-purpose, high-performance. In the Windows environment, internet environment with the interoperability easier for schools to become the strongest corporate accounting system.

Fudan University School of Management MBA education and management information systems and services to download

As a typical representative of higher education, Fudan School of Management MBA education and management information systems and services to higher education management, service system and the seamless integration of information technology will be fully reflected in higher education management and teaching philosophy.
The project aims to provide advanced integrated information service platform and management techniques to support the School of Management MBA training to raise the level of MBA students to improve satisfaction, increase the level of teaching management. MBA project as a core business system, will support the School of Management MBA services management and day-to-day operations, from Fudan MBA system to ensure the long-term competitive advantage of the project; the project will support the MBA from the press releases, propaganda and recruitment, student teaching and educational administration, degree management, day-to-day information services, employment information services, information services to students graduating from the work; to support the purpose of the annual teaching plans, statistical analysis; to support interactive teaching and learning online, including the teaching of communication and exchange of information; support for leaders at all levels , project manager, staff, teachers, students, staff day-to-day work, study and information.
The project will be the application of information systems in Higher Education an excellent example, covers all fields of higher education applications, the integration of advanced education and management ideas and best practice management.

Wireless Video Download

Wireless Vision Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. is based on Microsoft technology and products for enterprises and individual users of smart mobile terminal independent software developers. Companies mainly in the personal information services and interactive media applications, mobile e-commerce (M-Commerce), as well as the location of related services (LBS) in areas such as innovation and practice. Companies in technology to improve people's lives, the concept of gathering talented people and technical resources, imagination and creativity, and create a unique and a new opportunity to lead the mobile applications represent the new force trends.

Handheld Weather System Download

Handheld weather forecasting system in the Smart Client is a Mobile application, which the client (Pocket PC) and server-side (Web service and the Management Control Program) consists of the application of Compact framework development, the use of open web service interface communications, is the Mobile on a typical mobile application development.

FPMS Download

Microsoft Application Blocks-based Smart Client application development process, significantly reduce the risk of applications of the technology, but also save our development cycle.

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