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Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Consideration of the problem

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Recently my company driven by the introduction of VSS for source code management, I think the company's standard line inside the system too small, especially in the development process and even less the norm, including unit testing the most basic things such there is no real specification down, so I want to use VSS to promote the concept of unit testing, even if the extension process, or in such kinds of difficulties, but such a move is beneficial to the company, individuals are also beneficial. The problem now is a "degree" of the.

VSS yesterday to see the documents, discovered a big problem ah: VSS The database is the file format of the database only through permissions set them FOLDER access control, this issue also in the MS note written in very clear, see below:

================================================== =======================================

To protect Visual SourceSafe (VSS) database and VSS is used to control and manage the files need to use Windows security permissions to restrict access. In accordance with the steps described in this article, you can lock the database, so as to achieve the following objectives:

  • Only VSS Windows folder in the VSS database, a member of the Administrators group can perform administrator tasks, including running Analyze and restore archived VSS files and projects.
  • Set VSS security, all of the VSS and the VSS administrator users can be set up prior to use VSS.
  • VSS is not the user's staff will not have access to a network share location where the VSS and, therefore, can not access the database.

Locking the database can not provide:

  • Project-level security. You can use the VSS Administrator program for the specific VSS project or individual VSS users to set permissions and assign tasks, but all VSS users must have the same Windows folder permissions. Therefore, all VSS users, regardless of their VSS Administrator program specified in the project-level permission to, can access the shared folder, and can fully control all of the VSS data, but those for the control and management procedures and database files, except . Do not use a shared database to store the file contains sensitive information, such as salary information or legal documents.
  • Read-only VSS users. If you want to limit certain VSS users, so that it can only read files in the VSS database, it is recommended that you do not set these people VSS users, but rather to create a shadow folder, and grant them permission to access this folder .

! In the VSS HELP section above is described in detail!

================================================== =======================================

The red even though I concern, I checked under the WWW, why do we on this issue is not concerned about it? Is it only with the so-called "professional ethics" to bind? I think any thing without a proper system is very fragile. Have a DATA folder permissions USER can use the "\" means full access to the shared DATA folder, this should be a hidden disaster, right?

However, apart from this point, VSS is still good, is hereby description.

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