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Writing and. NET Properties window to interact RAD components (preface)

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In early 2005, as a result of the need to develop a number. Net component, but consciously in the design of these components is not enough when the interface friendly, without some of the characteristics of their own expectations, so network and MSDN search on the component design code and articles, However, component design in the end because they do not know what the content should be involved in, use the "Component Design" as a keyword After asking many, are just some of few words, not very system of things, but how much are these things to give people inspiration, through the They gradually learn how to design components of what they need, so finding things more and more in line with my request, finally, or in the MSDN to see an article devoted to the very system component design-time features, through this article a description and examples that gave me a real look at MSDN to understand design-time features on the component description (initially saw these things, they did not understand that talk about, but do not know how to use), but it is regrettable , MSDN on the text of this article is e, despite the fact that simple and obvious, but after all, seen not as fluent in English, so initiation of translation of this article the idea, just proceed with this matter, when, in the Google search to a published In an article on Microsoft's Web site in China is precisely the Chinese version of this article, very excited, with fast speed browsing and found that the very good, basically the meaning of the original text translated out, but they feel that translation is a bit small on the wrong with the wording also more wordy (perhaps in order to be faithful to the original reason bar), so the article will be translated in this order a bit, by repeatedly comparing the original, modified some of the terminology and language, and as far as possible to do with the original to convey the same meaning.

Change part of the feel that the most important thing is on the class and type as well as the Category of the translation, the Chinese version, all of them translated into the type or class, it is easy to misunderstand, it may make the reader understand the deviation from the original meaning of these English words, so I will be in the translation when the class is called class, type known as the type, category called Category. Secondly, property and attribute the translation, the Chinese version is translated into properties, and sometimes in turn translated into properties of attribute characteristics can also be easily confused, so I will translate the property attribute, attribute translated into properties; there is the "export" is words, in fact the original meaning is derived, for accustomed to the concept of c + + I like this word; the source code I've made some tests, only the second PersonConvertor the realization of some of the problems, but by overloading of the TypeConvertor completely after also reached the same end, my code will be placed in the final; In short, I am worthy of careful study in this article made some changes to certain details, as to the appropriateness of, the reader is self-discretion.

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