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You greatly increase the speed of the page

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Many of my friends have to do with a virtual host site, the page file will be stored in the virtual space, but the content of more than one page, the site opened it was particularly slow speed, if you encounter such a situation, instead of looking for better space, better website by optimizing the code to achieve a satisfactory speed. The author summarizes a number of practical ways to create home page, the following methods you can greatly enhance the speed of the page.

First, remember to help lose weight page

Our website is the virtual host of web content downloaded to the local hard disk, and then explain the view of the browser. The processing speed of the download page to show the speed up a large proportion, so the page itself, the smaller the amount of space, then the browser will be the faster speed. This requires that the page was doing all the time to follow simple principles, such as: Do not use too much flash animation, photographs, and other test basis ⒓ 8 arc cut tadpole capsule cheap prostitute while Hui Gou Mountain  vessels Sunburn is afraid to visit the mother skeleton core health? BR>
Second, if not necessary, to make full use of static HTML pages

As we all know, ASP, PHP, jsp and other procedures to achieve a dynamic interactive web pages of information, up and running is very convenient, because they are interactive data, and can be easily access, change the content of the database, the website "Dynamic", and such as: forums, message boards and so on. However, such procedures must be processed by the server implementation to generate HTML pages, and then "send" to the client browser, which had to spend a certain server resources. If the virtual host in the over-use of such procedures, the page display speed will definitely slow, there is no need, to make use of static HTML pages.

Third, not to the entire page of content into a Table

This is the problem of web page design, and a lot of pages in order to pursue a unified head alignment, the entire page content into a Table (table), and then again by the td cell to divide the various "pieces" of the layout, this show that the speed of the site is slow. Table to wait because of all the contents of which are loaded after the show, and if unable to access certain content, it will delay the visit to the speed of the entire page. The correct way is: will the contents of partition have the same pattern of several of the Table, and not all years into a Table.

Four, ASP, ASPX, php and other files changed. js quote

This is ASP, ASPX, PHP programming, etc. It should be noted that when, if you want to static HTML pages embedded in dynamic data, dynamic data, which is ASP, PHP and other procedures to provide, use the following statement Quote: <script src = "http://image.ccidnet.com/ad_files/network_index.asp?orders=1"> </ script>

In that case, every time a person visits your website, server and processing to be performed once network_index.asp documents taken from the database and corresponding data, and then output to the page, if there are tens of thousands of individuals at the same time visit, it is necessary to the implementation of tens of thousands of times, the consequences can be imagined. Suggested that these procedures will be dynamically generated data to a file to network_index.js, and then on the home page through
<script src=" http://www.179job.com/ad_files/home_daohang/network_index.js"> </ script>

Such a code to reference the document network_index.js. In this way, the task data to the client browser do not consume server resources, and quickly showed a natural speed; the time spent by the former is almost the latter several times!
Fifth, the use of nested iframe to another page

If you want to insert some Web site advertising code, do not want to affect the speed of these ads site, then the most suitable for the use of the iframe. Is: will these ads code on a separate page, and then on the home page using the following code can be embedded in the page so that page will not be delayed because of advertising and drag the entire home page shows that the code is as follows:

<Iframe frameborder = 0
leftmargin = 0
marginheight = 0
marginwidth = 0
scrolling = no src = "http://www.179job.com/pub/123.html"
topmargin = 0 width = 700 height = 440>
</ Iframe>

Which http://www.179job.com/pub/123.html is the path to the file reference.

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