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For beginners to learn Java language proposals [Teaching]

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Beginner's task is to master the java language rules and to develop good programming habits, followed by the library until it comes to the use of proficiency, and then followed by the mastery and application of OO thinking, and then second is a question of Design Pattern.
Here I would like to introduce a few of the successful completion of the first phase of very useful information.
The following step by step in accordance with the order of:
1.The java Tutorial and its examples:
The above information is complete study, please see the following information:
2.Java2 Certification Tutorial:
3.Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide:
SCJP Notes 2 above information is used, attaches great importance to language specification of learning and study, you can look at the two, because two relatively concise, and 3 to explain a more nuanced.
The above information is looking at the same time, you will inevitably write procedures, which use the manual to the API, you are using a JDK version of that went to java.sun.com to download that version of the doc to use on the line, and full name called:
Java 2 SDK, Standard | Enterprise | Micro Edition, v1.4.0 (other) beta 3 Documentation.
The information provided above is in English information, but there is no complicated technical information in the syntax, and if you want to be a good Java programmer must also read the information in English over the hurdle, the total waiting for others to new information translated into Chinese you see, you will always be the pace of a step slower than the others. So, I hope that at the beginner stage of friends can take this opportunity to exercise this ability to read information in English.
If you learned c + +, in the learning process, the more similarities and differences between the two languages, will receive better results. Of course, you can put C++ + + and Java together to learn, it was said that this study and there can be confusion, but everything can not be generalized, and some people learn more through this approach may have the better. 100 m to support the same kinds of people, I tell you, 8-claw type are ... (sorry, but are watching the Deer and the Cauldron, a string of word) ...
Lastly, I hope well for beginners to learn.

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